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In this video, we will unbox the latest headset release from Poly! This DECT headset offers maximum noise cancellation and Poly’s most secured headset yet! Not only does the Poly Savi 7320 have DECT Security Step C, but it also comes in a Microsoft Teams version as well!

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Mary Cheney:
Hi everybody. It’s Mary Cheney marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And today we’re going to be unboxing Poly Savi 7320 DECT Headset. They designed this headset with security in mind. So let’s get to it and unbox this bad boy.
Mary Cheney:
All right, so let’s get to it. All right. So the first thing we have here is the base station. Very nicely packaged, and here’s the headset. You can see the moon. Goes both ways. There’s your mute button. This might not sit properly because there’s plastic here so let’s pull that down, there we go. And, here’s your power supply, and here’s your connector. Some extra cords. And, as always there’s a great quick start guide and some other documents.
Mary Cheney:
And let’s look at some of the features here, pull this off so you can see it. And as you can see, there’s the volume control right here. It’s a little hard to see. There might be some glare there, but the volume up, volume down. And this is the push talk button right in the center there. And, then there are some other features down at the bottom. And then if you look at the base here, you can see that this is touch, this is for your computer. And this is for your desk phone right here. I mentioned this earlier, but here’s the DECT security. So you can see that there’s an actual toggle here. And there you have it, that’s what’s in the box.
Mary Cheney:
So let’s talk about some of the features of this headset series. So there are a couple versions in this series. There are Microsoft teams certified. You’ve got the dual, and then there is also a mono, which is the 7310 so you have a lot of different options for this one. We talked about security, I’ve mentioned it a couple of times. Poly really designed this with financial institutes, medical, government, and contact centers in mind that really need to keep sensitive conversations secure. This headset was designed with the highest duct security step C with military-grade 256 bit AES encryption for maximum security. The headsets all have acoustic fence technology and are Microsoft Teams open office for those Microsoft Teams versions.
Mary Cheney:
These headsets allow you to have around 13 hours of talk time. It takes about two full hours to charge and you have about 52 hours of standby time. The average range on this headset series is 590 feet, and that’s without having walls interfering with the frequency for the headsets. So, this wraps up or unwraps the unboxing video for Poly Savi 7320. One other really cool feature that this headset does have is a busy light indicator so that your peers, or if you’re working from home, any people that are around you, know that you’re on a call and that’s really important these days.
Mary Cheney:
And again, we mentioned security a couple of times, maybe five or six, but that is super important these days. So, I think it’s really neat that Poly came out with a device that helps us address that need. So if you want more information about this headset or in fact, any of the products in the Poly line, please reach out to one of our solutions consultants. We have years of experience with this type of technology. So, I encourage you to check out our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and thanks for joining.

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