PetSnowy SNOW+ Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

In this video, I’ll be reviewing the brand new PetSnowy SNOW+ self-cleaning litter box.

SNOW⁺ Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

The new PetSnowy automatic self-cleaning litter box has some amazing features for reducing odors and self-cleaning.

Hey guys and welcome to home reviews in This video we're looking at a brand new Self-cleaning litter box and this is Made by a company called pet snowy so This is brand new and we get a chance to Open this thing up try it out I'm Excited because it looks like it's going To be a lot different than the other Litter boxes we have they're automatic Or self-cleaning so you can see the cats Are already interested we got one there We got one there and we're gonna get all This set up and just see how it works All right so check this out so as soon As you get the Box open you have this Huge sheet here it says quick user guide You flip this thing over And look at that have you ever seen a User guide like that before so this is Very impressive it gives you an idea of What this litter box looks like How it goes together preparation Assembly has everything on here you need To know So I'm going to go ahead and get Everything taken out of this box and Then we're going to get it put together It says uh app connection here we're Going to download the app get installed On our phone put some cat litter in it And see just how well our cats like it Alright so I got the instruction manual Open here and a few things I want to Tell you about this pet snowy

Self-cleaning litter box and actually if You want to pick this up I'll put the Link below the video so you can learn More about it or go get the latest Pricing but down here you can see some Of the stuff that came with it and this Is it out of the box and these two Packets these are litter box fragrant Inserters now everything was packaged Very well in thick styrofoam and you can See tape all over the box to hold Everything together so nothing moves While it's being shipped or while you're Unpacking it and getting it set up down Here are a few of the buttons for Options we're going to be looking at Those but I wanted to show you here in The manual under the features where it Says zero odor it says multiple stages To eliminate odor self-sealing trash bag Anti-odor interior structure deodorizing Fragrance specified for cat waste and Something they call a to2 deodorizing System and a DIY curtain which you can See right there at the entrance and I Already had a cat trying to go back in There So you can see some of these other Features here in the manual And it also comes with this pack here of Custom fit waste drawer liners for the Pet snowy okay so we got the top of it Off it's setting right there and this is What you're going to see on the inside

And this here is the glow part now Apparently when you turn this on it's Going to go through a setup process and This part here Is going to spin over so where the cats Can walk Up through here and you actually have a Mat right here Goes down And then this here is what you're going To take out And then you have your sense [Applause] These here these litter box fragrant Inserts and these are what's going to go In there that you change out to help Kind of keep down the odor but what I Love About This self-cleaning litter box Is this drawer down here So if we open this up Now there's a couple things about this That I love compared to the other Self-cleaning litter box I have number One The bag closes so it's not going to let Out all that bad odor so you don't have To worry about that number two it's Going to be so much easier putting the Bags in with the other litter box it Almost kills your fingers to attach the Bag to the pan and with this one here They simply just have these little holes

In them and the holes just go right over Top of this and then what it'll do is It'll open up It'll drop the litter in and then it'll Close so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to go ahead and put this back in Here I'm going to put the top back on Top of it the other thing I want to show You too on this Is it's got light indicators and you Fill this from the top so you're going To have this Up on top and you pour your litter down In here do not overfill it there's a Line to show you how full to get it But you also notice here that is that if You have lights and depending on what The light is doing or how it's blinking It's going to tell you the indication And then also the solution or what to do So you're not going to have to break out Your manual every time if a light comes On because something needs changed or or Whatever it is you just have everything Right there okay so right now I just got It plugged up uh back there in the back And Down here you can see I've got some cats Interested and it's doing it's going to Go through like a two minute process Of where it's going to get everything Set up so I'm gonna wait for all that to Get done I tried to take this top off so I could

Show you what it's doing as it's setting It up but it won't continue if this tops Off probably for uh safety reasons Okay so the setup is done and you can See now that we can see all the way down In here actually there are some Another Sticker I didn't get a couple on these Okay so what I'm going to do now is we Got some cat litter here I'm going to Use we're going to fill this up to the Max which is where The line is there you can see that Plastic you don't want to go over top of That okay there we go cat litter is in It I want to see um which cat's going to Jump in at first [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Okay so three cats have been in here now Within five minutes and I actually got a Message on my app saying to examine the Uh the this litter box because an Animal's been in there too long and That's just because I've had them going In and out and so what I'm going to do Now is run through the self-cleaning now It'll automatically do this based upon Settings you have on your app we'll show I'll show you that here in a minute And you can now see that it's cleaning

Itself Now one thing that's really nice about This is the way that it spins around Like that this side is solid so a cat Can't accidentally come in here and then Go in there while it's cleaning itself And get hurt But at the same time you want to make Sure that you don't accidentally hit the Reset button or or the clean button on Here while a cat's inside because then Obviously that would hurt the cat You can see how the litter filters Through that screen And then the clean litter comes back out And look at that see there's a safety Feature one of my cats got up on the pad Just that far And this stopped So that is really neat that it can sense That to make sure that a cat won't get Hurt And it's back to clean litter hands-free Let's see what happens down here in the Tray [Applause] And so any clumps of litter comes down This opens up the litter falls down in The bag and then it goes back up and Closes again so you don't have that Smell coming out of your litter box Really clever idea Now what I did do though for my cats Because whenever we get new stuff like

This they get a little bit nervous about It So I did take the curtain down from the Door so they could see inside once I did That they all went right up in the Litter box so that may be something you Want to do when or if you get this is if Your cats are afraid to go up in it take Down the curtain they'll go up in it and Then after a while you can put this Curtain back up now what I want to do is Flip over and show you the app So I wanted to show you a few Notifications that I got on my phone Right here where it says that the top Cover was displaced so this is where I Had opened it up you can also see where It says examinations required and that's Because my cats are going in and out of It uh Non-Stop and it could detect that And so it knew that a cat was in there For a long period of time thinking that It was just one cat when it's which it Wasn't and then when you access the app Right here you're going to see the Litter box and you can clean it anytime By holding down the press button there On the litter box and it'll clean up you Can also see where it says change cat Litter deodorize Now button unlock and Then smart settings it'll show you the Number of litter box trips so I had two Cats go in and out of the litter box the Average litter box time and then you can

Click on more data to view a chart even Now where it says working records if you Scroll up it's going to tell you Everything that's happened with the Box The buttons that were pushed like you Can see where I held down the clean Button it entered it in DND mode which Is I believe do not disturb but then it Says that the pet has used a litter box To wait a gram the toilet time is 23 Seconds unknown pet so you can actually Create information About your pets here it says please Create pet information the device will Identify the cat according to the set Weight so based upon the weight of the Pet you can set this up so it'll even Tell you which pet went in there and use The litter box so this litter box has Some amazing features with it being able To control the odor as well as it does With several different features that it Has on it and just the option of being Able to control this from anywhere and Seeing when your cats are using it when They're not having these different Settings that you can use on it and if You jump into smart settings here you Can see there's different options for Automatic cleanup and if you click that It says after the Cat uses the litter Box the device will automatically clean Up and then you can choose two four six Eight or ten and it goes all the way up

Here to I don't know how far it goes but You can wait after so many minutes until It automatically cleans typically what We have on our litter boxes is between Four and six minutes that way the smell Doesn't really come out that much in Effect anything you also have where you Can scheduled cleanups do not disturb at Night automatic deodorization which we Have one you can schedule that as well As ambient lights and pet Identifications and the last thing I Wanted to show you you can see this cat She's already been in there once but as Soon as she jumps up in there the light On the front of the Box detects it Watches as soon as she goes in it Detects that just by her front paws Being up there and that light there Where pet snowy starts blinking green And blue to let you know that there's a Cat in there so it's very sensitive and It detects the very second that they Walk up there Foreign Overall this is an amazing automatic Self-cleaning litter box and if you guys Want to check it out it is by pet snowy And I will put their link below this Video so you can go get one yourself and Save yourself a whole lot of bending Over scooping cleaning and handling Nasty cat litter

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