Onforu Linkable LED Flood Light Review and Demo | LED Light Bar

Onforu LED floodlight review. If you’re in need of a bright LED light bar for home, outside, garage.. etc, then you need to look at this one. Compared to halogen, it’ll save you 80-90% and last much longer.

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Each LED flood light comes with 78 super-bright LEDs, can produce up to 6500lm high brightness white light. Each floodlight can replace a 600W traditional halogen bulb.

Each 72W floodlight can be used separately or linked horizontally or vertically as a 144W super bright led floodlight to cast a wider area. These workshop lights can be hung or surface mount installed to meet your needs on various occasions, saving energy and space.

Made of high-quality reflective film, providing efficient shadowless illumination. The length of the floodlight is designed to be longer than other floodlights, which bring a wider lighting range.

IP66 Rating ensures these security lights work well in rain, sleet, snow, etc. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, can be applied in barns, gardens, squares, factories, docks, stadiums, playgrounds.

With an adjustable bracket, you can easily install it on the ceiling, walls, ground; it can also be used as a work light or decorate wall washer light. Ideal for workbench, attic, barn, shed, storage room, equipment room, tool room, basements, work areas, utility rooms, recreation rooms, parking lot, residential, warehouse, stages, cinemas, art booths, shops, banquet halls lighting.

Onforu 2 Pack 72W Linkable LED Flood Light 600W Equiv., 6500lm LED Shop Light, IP66 Waterproof LED Work Lights with Plug, 6000K Daylight White Outdoor Floodlight for Workshop Yard Garage Wall Washer

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