NZDFH Solar Lights Review | Outdoor, Waterproof, Landscape

NZDFH solar lights review. In this video, I’ll demo this set of spot solar lights for outdoor and landscape use.

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Extremely Bright Solar Spotlights Outdoor: Super bright 25 LEDs with a wider 120° lighting angle, 90°adjustable solar panel, will illuminate your whole backyard. Add life to your trees and enjoy a satisfying light show at night. The spotlights are able to work continuously for 8-25 hours. ​Compared with the solar spotlights outdoor on the market, our working hours are longer, the brightness is stronger, and it is more durable.

Solar Powered & USB Charge: NZDHFsolar spot lights outdoor support power supply: “Solar Powered Or USB Charge”. When it is cloudy or sunlight insufficient winter, these solar lights can be charged by USB cable, so they can still light from dusk to dawn no matter spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Note: It is recommended to charge it in direct sunlight for 2 days or by the USB cable provided 8 hours before the first use.

IP68 Waterproof Rating: NZDFH solar spot lights used ABS high-strength material, and pass the strict air-tightness test. Solar landscape lights can withstand all kinds of terrible weather such as rain, snow, high frost, high temperature, etc. It is perfect for outdoor use! The IP68 protection level enables the solar outdoor spotlights to work normally under temperatures ranging from -20~50°C. And it’s much more robust than other less waterproof grades outdoor LED solar-powered lights.

3 Adjustable Brightness Lighting Modes: Our outdoor solar lights have 3 lighting modes – High light mode(8Hrs), medium light mode(15Hrs), low light mode(25Hrs) to meet your different needs. NZDFH solar garden lights can automatically detect the brightness of the external environment. When the brightness is low enough to require illumination, it will automatically switch from energy storage mode to lighting mode (without motion detection). Could also be used as a flashlight in a pinch.

NZDFH Solar Spot Lights Outdoor, IP68 Waterproof Solar Landscape Spotlights,3 Modes Outdoor Solar Garden Lights, USB & Solar Powered Wall Lights Dark Sensing Auto On/Off for Yard Porch 2 Pack

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