Mumble starter guide (English)

This video is about how to install and concrete the mumble client. First off, you need to go to the mumble calm. You can see the link here. It will also be in the description when you’re outside you receive free choices, Windows, Mac or Linux. I use linux.

So let us use between the skin or non skin. I prefer with a blue skin. Now you choose save you. I recommend that you put the set up at your dashboard now. You should only be need to go to your dashboard shoes shut up and go through the installation, it’s most of your pressing next next next, if it’s anything, you would like to change just press it yourself now when we have installed the program and started it, you Have you have a server list, air?

You can use the public networks. I prefer that you join your friend server or make your own. This video is about our server so able to show you how to add our server to your list. Your favorites lon and public favorites is obviously where you put your favorite at once. Lon, that’s the local area network.

It will show up automatically when someone on your network here is hosting a server. Next add new a ticket. That’S like a label, you can choose whatever name like address the IP and then the standard port. If the owner of the server has another port, you need to find that out as asking personally or shade out at your site or something about the IP and report you need to find out by the owner of the server or anyone who knows it. The user can choose whatever you like, like.

I use my name 604, so we even for if you or a admin or owner you can use super user. That will make you powers and stuff, but we don’t need that in this tutorial. Now we press ok. Now it’s have been added. I don’t need this because I will have it here, so I’m going to remove it there we go now.

Ok, connect! Now you can mute your mic here this one and mute your em Nicki with your sound at this one. Now to talk, you need to Bowie, choose a push-to-talk going to configure 8 options. Now here you will choose press talk. This is Swedish, so it’s a strict vitola, but its push to talk now gives you some options here, but it’s too much to take this video.

So you just find that out. So it’s now important, but what’s important is the shortcuts says Ian Waggoner here, but it’s a shortcut now. I already have added 9 / talk, so what you need to do is add a new one. It will add one here. Then you can press here, choose and choose a push-to-talk confuse and get ur shortcuts.

Here I push dog and press shortcut and the nish use the button, for example, tab. I use F time because i have macro so it’s easier for me. I guess you will you wan na use, tab or something? Because if you don’t have macros, that’s the best button, that’s the best button for you. That should be most of everything in the basics, so goodbye

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