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Integrated Voicemail With VoIP

On regular phones, Voicemail accessibility is restricted and clumsy. VoIP allows you to treat your Voicemail just like email.

USB Microphone for Skype

Buying a quality USB microphone headset will give you access to software that you wouldn’t have been able to use before. This will include speech recognition such as Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5. This voice recognition software will allow you to make documents and surf the web with no need to touch your keyboard and use up your hands. USB headsets will also give you access to the amazing Skype VOIP which has become something of a global phenomenon and so much so that it has telephone companies worried.

Taking Advantage of Technology – Improving Your Business

Taking advantage of all of the technology that is currently available can really help your business. There are also times when this technology can help you to save money and make it more convenient for your home use as well.

Does Broadband Telephone Service and VoIP Really Work?

This article is the first in a series about a communication technology that is increasing in momentum and becoming more mainstream everyday. The technology I’m referring to is VoIP. VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a technology that allows telephone calls over the Internet using a telephone or computer device.

SIP Trunking – A Step Behind Hosted PBX

SIP trunking was a useful solution at one point of time. But modern businesses can simply make use of hosted PBX solutions for VoIP implementation.

3 Avenues of Conflict Resolution With Your Telephone Carrier

The more you expect from a technology, the more you will be disappointed when it doesn’t perform up to your expectations. With telephony going to IP and cloud based platforms, you may need to know what recourse you have when your Network Service Provider does not meet your expectations.

Hookflash Will Soon Release Video Conferencing Services

Most people are now using gadgets such as iPads is their daily routines. Hookflash is a special application that you can install in your iPad which combines group video conference and group messaging capabilities with features found in most business telephone systems.

Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone

When a number is dialed on a VoIP phone, the voice is transmitted through the Internet with a digital format. At the receiving end, it is again converted to voice data and the receiver can hear your voice.

4G Might Just Lead Telcos to Change Their VoIP Strategy

Telcos like AT&T are just starting to fully roll out their 4G networks. It’ll be interesting to see the implications this has for their VoIP approach.

High Definition Video Conferencing Infrastructure Design

High Definition video conferencing is quickly making its way into the workplace in both the conference room and especially onto individual user desktops. This is not the same type of video conferencing from a few years ago – it is completely different and better. The new video conferencing systems work simply and reliably, and make it as easy to place a video call to someone inside the organization or out just like making a phone call. What enables this ease of use are advanced network video infrastructure systems that control all the video endpoints, manage conferences, and connect over the Internet.

Desktop Video Conferencing Works Just Like a Phone Call

Desktop video calls and video conferencing is here and works well. This is High Quality and High Definition video calls from desktop to desktop with the convenience of a phone call. Video calls can be made to people inside and outside the organization without concern, and calls are completed by either dialing a 10 digit number or entering an email address. There are some different options and capabilities, and the Cisco desktop video devices provide a good way to illustrate.

How A VoIP ADSL Phone Can Improve Your Business

Today’s modern world utilizes technology like never before, especially when it comes to the world of business. Making sure you remain up to date on technology and how it can work to make your company profits higher is important. Without using the latest in technological advanced equipment, you risk being left behind. This is the greatest reason to learn more about how VoIP ADSL phone connections.

Choosing the Very Best Phone Service

The web is presently bombarded with phone service providers that provide you a variety of PBX selections, from conventional to IP to hybrid systems, a mixture of each traditional and IP. First you need to determine the kind of PBX you’ll need. When you’ve got current telephone lines and hardware, you could possibly wish to go for the digital PBX. Digital PBX has become verified reliable and functions using your existing phone lines, while creating your system Internet-connected. The large consideration right here is the future of business telephony appears to be gearing on the way to a pure hosted IP PBX. Ultimately, you will have to go using the advancements in technology to help keep up with the rivals.

A Scalable Business Phone System – Reduce Long Term Cost by Planning Now

When looking at business phone systems, few look at the scalability of the system and whether it will meet their future needs. As a business grows, there will be a need to add additional extensions as well as phone lines coming in to adequately support the daily call volume. Buying a phone system today that won’t support the business tomorrow will only lead to more expense later on down the line.

A VoIP Phone System Can Open the Door to a Complete Unified Communications Solution

A VoIP phone system is at the heart of a unified communications solution. In today’s fast-paced world, the workforce is more mobile than ever before and being able to reach someone when they are not physically in the office has become a key necessity for many businesses. It’s no longer enough to be able to just pick up the phone and call someone

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