MikroTik with FreeRADIUS: User Group Management with MySQL

FreeRADIUS is a high performance RADIUS Server. A number of network devices can be used with freeRADIUS Server as a RADIUS Client including MikroTik Router. As a modular RADIUS suite, freeRADIUS accepts MySQL module to query user authentication and authorization and to store accounting data. FreeRADIUS MySQL module gives facility to manage RADIUS users so easily. Managing user group properly in MySQL module, user limitation can easily be applied. In this video, I will show how to configure user group in MySQL module to categorize freeRADIUS user’s reply attributes.
For more details: https://systemzone.net/freeradius-user-group-management-with-mysql

FreeRadius installation on CentOS 7: https://systemzone.net/freeradius-installation-and-basic-configuration-on-centos-7

FreeRadius with MySQL module: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-radius-configuration-with-freeradius-and-mysql

Things to Look For in a VOIP Provider

If you are looking for a VOIP provider there are two things that you should consider. Consultancy and project implementation can make the difference between good services and great services.

Enter the A-Z Termination Business by Becoming a Reseller

Want to run your own business but don’t have the capital to start from scratch? Consider reselling a-z termination services with the prospect of eventually owning your own business.

Make Free VoIP Calls

As for SIP VoIP in the home, there is too little incentive for savvy consumers to part with more of their hard earned communications dollars for an industry offering that simply does not meet the needs of the user. Until something concrete can be done to move SIP VoIP forward, service based on P2P such as Skype seems to be the only sensible choice on the kitchen table.

VoIP PBX – Exceptional Call Management Functions

VoIP PBX system comes with exceptional call management features. Using VoIP PBX phone system, small businesses can cut down on their telecommunication expenses.

Why Companies Employ Wide Area Network?

Before the actual topic is discussed, we should have a basic concept of what a Wide Area Network is. Referred to as WAN, the technology makes use of communicating local computer networks to larger working networks that may cover both national and international levels. This piece of writing will focus on the facts and reasons that have made WAN an important choice amongst companies.

How to Make Unlimited Phone Calls While Traveling Abroad in Other Counties

Ever made an expensive international call from your hotel room to check-in with your family and friends back home? I’ll bet you watched your watch like a hawk with those outrageous per-minute charges, unless of course you were Donald Trump. But most people nowadays travel with a laptop and hook-up to the hotel’s high-speed internet and communicate via email.

How to Turn Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone

From a bird’s eye view the only difference is that an iPhone can make a phone call. Other than that, most of the apps are available for both iPod and iPhone.

Nortel BCM Versus Avaya IP Office – New Product Comparison

Many telecommunication company’s such as Nortel and Avaya offer VoIP solutions for the home and office business telephone systems. Each solution has its unique features and is suitable for a wide variety of users. I am going to cover some of the pros and cons associated with Avaya’s IP Office and Nortel’s BCM solutions. This article is detailed comparison of these two products focusing on the key advantages of each unified communications solution.

What to Look for in a Call Termination Provider

To cut costs many businesses consider switching VOIP termination providers. Find out what to look for when moving your service.

Reduce Phone Bills With Call Termination

Call termination is like an old fashioned bucket brigade. Use it to make your long distance calls local!

Reliable A-Z Termination Services Are Crucial for Your VOIP

A-z termination services make use of far reaching global technologies that are necessary to ensure seamless communications between people in different countries. Choosing the best company to deliver those services ensures your continued success.

How A-Z Termination Providers Can Help Your Business

Ever wanted to increase your business’s annual profits? Find out how to add services from a-z termination providers to offer complementary phone services to your current business.

VoIP For Your Business

Calling from a fixed line requires a user to type the country code that one would like to connect to and then proceed to type the state and the city code and then the telephone number. When switching to VoIP for your business, be sure to spend time comparing and evaluating multiple VoIP conference software options. You may be tempted by online offers promising free VoIP conference software.

VoIP Phone Service – Let Us See What It Actually Is

Due to the increase in demand for VoIP services, there have been numerous VoIP phone companies entering the market. If today you decide to switch to VoIP phone service, you will have a number of internet phone service providers to choose from.

Where Do You Start With Enterprise VoIP?

There are many different perspectives on VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony in the communications industry. Doing it right initially will help for a smooth roll out. But there is a lot to consider. Wiring, call quality, etc. Here are some high level hints to get you started.

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