MikroTik WebProxy Log Analyzer Configuration

This video will show how to configure MikroTik WebProxy Log Analyzer to analyze MikroTik proxy user’s activity. MikroTik RouterOS generally logs various system events and status information. Logs are mainly saved in router’s memory (RAM) or disk. MikroTik logs can also be sent by email or even can be sent to a remote syslog server. All logs those are saved in router’s local memory can be viewed from Log menu. Any log entry that is saved in local memory contains time and date when event occurred, topics that this message belongs to and message itself. But local log information is not enough for analyzing user’s activity completely. So, if you wish to view user activity elaborately, you must use any remote syslog server.
For more details, visit: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-webproxy-log-analyzer-configuration
MikroTik router basic configuration: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-basic-configuration-using-winbox
MikroTik Transparent WebProxy configuration: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-web-proxy-configuration

IP Phones – Comfortable Way of Communication

The IP phone service providers can combine all your voice communications through a single phone number. Multiple call transferring is possible with this web administered phone service.

VoIP Technology – Make Free International Calls Along With the Facility of Instant Messenger

The rapid progress of technology has made possible for people to lead their lives more conveniently. The ease of internet technology let people to make their tough work easy within minutes and especially, it is seen in the field of telecom sector because internet has gained huge popularity in telecommunication field as it has given its great contribution which gives people a chance to make international calls at low rates.

Free Internet Calls – Enjoy Gossiping With Your Near and Dear Ones For Hours

With the evolution of great technologies, now people are more comfortable in making international calls whenever they want, and it is due to the availability of internet phone service. This technology has been in limelight because it allows user to interact with his close ones at free of cost by means of free calls.

Grab VoIP Technology to Make Free Internet Calls

The scope of internet phone service is increasing day by day and with the introduction of various new calling features, people are attracting more towards it. One of the best facility which it offers is ‘free calls’ that facilitate millions of people.

PC Calls For Better Communication

Technological changes have taken us to such a position where we can easily live our lives with much comfort than ever before. So many innovative systems have arrived in our lives that being in touch with the dear ones is no more a problem.

A Brief Introduction to Answering Services

When a business or a person hires dedicated services to handle, screen and answer their calls, the services are known as answering services. The call receiver has basic information about the party on the other end of the phone line, which enables him or her to take calls on behalf of the business or the individual.

The Advantages of VoIP Over Traditional Landlines

You have probably heard about VoIP technology, as there is a lot of “skype hype” out there and praises screamed from mountaintops about similar services. For those of you who do not already know, VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over Internet Provider)However, as it is with anything new, you probably have a lot of questions which you need answered before you make the decision of investing in VoIP, or even switching over completely from land line telephone services to VoIP. Do you remember in the not so distant past when only some us…

How Can I Efficiently Choose a VoIP Provider?

Overall there are two main options when it comes to VoIP. First, there are the “free” services, which aren’t actually free you still have to pay a fee if you don’t have the internet. Alternatively, you can choose a pay service that will issue you a monthly bill for your usage.

Install a New Business Phone System in 2010

The New Year is upon us and in full swing now and if you listen to the analysts you will have heard over the last few days that the recession that lasted for the last year and a quarter is officially over. With that in mind there will be a number of companies that will be thinking about investing money into various projects over the next year to improve their standing and infrastructure.

VoIP Offers 411 Service

Users can easily dial 411 from their VoIP service and access an automated service, which can help you choose any service you want. Simply type in the business name and destination and you will be revealed with the number you are looking for.

Recession Good For VoIP – Business and Investors Start a Spark

Businesses have found the practical side of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), while investors have found the profitable side of VoIP. As businesses are looking to cut costs they are finding increasing value in VoIP. This once futuristic method of communications has become common place. VoIP had a rocky start, but it has recently come into its own. Businesses no longer see it as a future option, it is now the smart option.

What Can Pre-Owned Dialogic Boards Do For Me?

Two primary goals exist for any business. Provide for the consumer and generate profits. These two ultimatums will always be tied together. Businesses and customers need to have communication.

VoIP Trade Conference Caller – Cheaper & Greener Than Visiting a Consumer

Today there are many ways for you to make conferences without having to leave your office. One such option for you is Voice over internet protocol commerce conference caller. The main idea about that type of conferencing product is a computer program, which will improve you to contact all of your associates and clients using your computer and internet connection.

How Does VoIP Improve Your Business?

One of the most significant technology developments that have revolutionized the way we communicate and the business world is VoIP a.k.a. Voice Over Internet Protocol. What does VoIP exactly do?

Searching For VOIP Softphones

Trying to replace your office telephony with a VOIP solution? Then you are going to run up against the softphone issue. Here are some suggestions of other services you can try.

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