MikroTik VRRP Configuration with DHCP Server

MikroTik VRRP with DHCP ensures uninterrupted internet connection keeping activate one physical router from VRRP and assigning IP automatically to clients. This video will show how to configure MikroTik VRRP with DHCP Server.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-vrrp-configuration-with-dhcp-server

GNS3 installation and configuration: https://systemzone.net/gns3-installation-and-configuration-step-by-step-in-windows

The VoIP Phone Service – Easy to Install and Easier to Use

A VoIP phone is a rather innovative technology that functions by converting voice signals to digital data packets first. These data packets are then transmitted over the internet through a high-speed broadband connection. These packets are then converted back into digital signals at the other end. In the past, it was normal for people to pay huge amounts of money to make long distance phone calls. This was because they called outside their area code.

Mobile VoIP Revenues to Skyrocket Over the Next Five Years

According to marketing intelligence firm Frost & Sullivan, 2010 is the beginning of a five year upswing for the unified communications market – and VoIP for mobile solutions is poised to benefit the most. Global demand for VoIP phones and other telecoms equipment has been steadily climbing despite the recession, with approximately 12.6 million VoIP phones shipped during last year. The entire market earned revenues in the neighborhood of $7.7 billion in 2009.

Carriers Accommodate the Rise of Mobile VoIP Solutions

As VoIP emerges as the premier solution for businesses looking for a cost effective way to manage communications networks, Mobile phone carriers are finally falling into line. The initial reaction to VoIP for mobile was a blacklisting of any app that allowed connectivity with a VoIP network – mobile carriers feared a reduction in revenue if everyone switched to making calls through their own IP.

Mobile Carrier Brings VoIP Home For Its Customers

The number of Americans who have a landline phone in their home keeps decreasing – mostly due to cell phones now being made available free for those living below the poverty line, and the up and coming generation that depends on mobile service exclusively. Even many traditional landlines are no longer ‘traditional’ – many homes tap into their home’s existing wiring but route calls out through their IP – using the internet to send and receive calls with their regular handsets.

Hosted PBX With Advanced VoIP Features For Your Business

Hosted PBX with advanced VoIP features is an ideal solution for your business to enhance its communication services. Hosted PBX with VoIP features reduces operational expenses.

What is a Free Conference Call?

Free conference calls connect businesses, organizations, and personal groups alike. Some of these services allow moderator functions, such as muting callers, question-and-answer mode, and secure conference PIN codes for moderators and conference participants. Free teleconferences take place all around the world and can have hundreds of callers.

Hosted PBX System – Boost Employee Productivity

Hosted PBX system significantly boosts employee productivity and business profits. Hosted PBX phone system meets the business communication needs of low-budget businesses.

Free International Phone Calls – Make Free Calls Using Your iPhone

A new application is out in app-store for your iPhone. i-Hoot is offering you free $5 worth of call credit to make cheaper phone calls anywhere in the world. You have to download this application on your iPhone, then you can start making calls to any of your contacts in your contacts’ list using this application.

Top 7 Common Causes of VoIP Voice Quality Problems

VoIP is revolutionizing communication for both residential and commercial use. Although the residential demand for VoIP has been strong for years, small businesses are exchanging their antiquated digital phone systems with VoIP provider services.

VoIP (Voice Over IP) Training For General and Technical Users

Although VoIP (Voice over IP) isn’t exactly the latest technology to roll off the production line, it is still an area not well known and understood by the technology professionals. Perhaps its technology is still evolving and has yet to reach its peak. Alternatively, VoIP is not a subject to be understood on its own.


VoIP has taken the world by storm. There is an accented probability that you might already be using it, without even being aware of it.

Virtual PBX With Advanced Call and Fax Features

Virtual PBX phone system with advanced call and fax features greatly enhances business telecommunication. Virtual PBX phone systems help businesses boost their professional image.

Business VoIP to Expand With Mobile Phone Applications

With business VoIP becoming the tried and true, cost efficient, highly effective option of choice for small and large businesses, the advantages of being able to contact employees through the same network are many and impressive. With the need for on the go contact at any given time, many employers provide employees with company owned phones. This can be problematic with a regular mobile plan, however, with skyrocketing charges for roaming and spotty coverage.

VoIP PC to Phone Services

The VoIP PC to Phone services are one of the most popular services available in the United States of America. There are two types of schemes possible. The first scheme is the $199 for a year and people get to make unlimited local calls as well as nationwide calls within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The other scheme is paying $16.58 per month and this works cheaper than the annual scheme.

Virtual PBX System – Sound Big, Spend Little

Virtual PBX system enables small businesses to boost their professional image. Virtual PBX system is incorporated with innovative call handling features.

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