MikroTik VLAN and Bridge Configuration

VLAN and Bridge are two useful features in MikroTik Router. These two features are frequently used in any MikroTik network configuration. VLAN divides a physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. So, you can isolate your network into multiple logical networks on a physical interface. On other hand, MikroTik Bridge integrates multiple physical interfaces in a logical interface. So, you can extend your broadcast domain on multiple physical interfaces and can extend your popular services such as PPPoE or DHCP on multiple physical interfaces. As VLAN and Bridge are useful to any MikroTik network, this video is designed to show the necessary steps to configure VLAN and Bridge in MikroTik Router.

For more details: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-vlan-and-bridge-configuration

For inter-VLAN routing configuration with Mikrotik Router and manageable switch: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-vlan-routing-configuration-with-manageable-switch

Record Skype Conversations

Millions, in fact hundred of millions of people across the world have a Skype account and use Skype to make calls to friends, family and for business on a daily basis. Because of this huge membership base Skype is a massive business in its own right but there is one part of Skype that users have to look elsewhere to gain functionality.

What is a VoIP Phone? 4 Easy Steps

For those wondering what in the world the buzz is about for VoIP phone systems, get ready to start saving big on your phone bill. VoIP simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, you piggy back off of your existing internet connection to make calls.

VOIP Benefits – 4 Reasons to Go With VOIP

The benefits of VOIP have been stealing away customers from the good ol’ phone company. But why? Let’s go over the most popular reasons people are switching to VOIP.

The Growing Popularity of VoIP Resellers

Internet phone service is one of the valuable technology that has generated an advanced technique of making calls from internet. In the growing scope of VoIP calls, service providers are playing a vital role by offering umpteen VoIP calling plans and schemes. Such companies have developed an excellent client service that has been fulfilling the demands of users in terns of international calling.

Latest Generation of WiFi IP SIP Phones

If you do a search on Google for WiFi IP SIP phones you’ll find one of two things. Either the posts contain data about phones that might be coming out soon, with a posting date from 2004, or you’ll find posts from people that have downloaded applications for their cell phones that allow them through their capped data plan to make VoIP calls using emulation software. With the progress that WiFi VoIP phones have made in the last two years, it’s incredible that there is so little written about that latest handheld hardware.

How VoIP Services Work

With the power of the internet, phone calls can be directed via VoIP services. Through the usage of a VoIP phone, a PC, or a traditional telephone plugged into to an adapter, calls are attained. After it is changed, the signal of your voice is relayed through the net instead of going through the usual method of a typical phone line.

Benefit Your Business With Fax Services Over VoIP Or FoIP

VoIP is not only restricted to residential usage, many business today have switched over to VoIP phone systems. After bearing the pains of traditional fax machine such as paper jams, missed fax, other maintenance problems, busy signals, network problems etc.

Let Us Talk VoIP, Shall We?

VoIP technology transfers analog voice data by converting it into digital format and then transferring it over the broadband Internet. On reaching its destination, it is against converted back into analog voice data, which can then be heard clearly on the other party. This conversion takes place so smoothly and seamlessly that none of the caller parties can notice this switch and safely continue talking on, even for hours.

VoIP Phone – How VoIP Helps Businesses During Recession

The telephone was a breakthrough discovery in 1870 which revolutionized communications that is known to the world today. Telecommunications has become part of world evolution, as humanity advances, so does our way of communicating which makes it a part of life. In the business perspective, telecommunications became the mouth and ears of the enterprise.

Cheap International Calls – Global Connectivity Solutions

As the Internet has emerged as one of the best means of communication in the recent past, telecom industries alongside sailed a long way to produce the immix technology which provides cheap international calls. This global connectivity solution came into spotlight in the recent past and from there on continues to dominate the international calling segment.

VoIP – An Easy Mode of Communication

In today’s fast paced nature of environment, we are looking for best of the tools to access. Similarly, we opt for the best medium of communication. And more than anything, we need to have a cost-effective way to communicate which is being fulfilled by VoIP. The technology to make PC to PC and PC to phone calls with the help of internet.

Reap the Benefits From Contact Centers Technology on Demand

Contact center technology & software helps companies to perform integrated cross-channel interactions while at the same time provide service agents with customer data and information. The contact center services also help companies to expand their customer communication worldwide. The virtual call center is based on Internet Protocol technology. This technology has enabled contact centers to become more flexible in the recent years.

Vonage, Magicjack – Savings at What Cost?

Of all the Voice Over Internet Protocol service options, Vonage is clearly the most popular. Reviews have always been mixed, for every customer who loves the service you will find another who has issues with either performance or restrictions. Those restrictions sometimes are not with Vonage itself, but rather with various products you wish to use that have issues or at least side effects when Vonage is present.

VoIP Services – A Glimpse

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a latest technology to reorganise the phone systems of the world. The technology provides the phone services through the internet packet switching. It has the capability to replace the traditional telephony that works on the circuit switching. It converts the voice signal to a digital signal.

Cheap VoIP Calls For Effective Communication

With the arrival of Internet facility, things have become handy as everything is just a click away. Right from all kinds of serious work to entertain people, now all these can be achieved via Internet. The latest addition contribution from Internet is cheap VoIP calls.

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