MikroTik User Manager Installation with Basic Configuration

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MikroTik User Manager is a RADIUS application developed by MikroTik team and can be used without charge. User Manager is used for authentication, authorization and accounting of MikroTik RouterOS, PPPoE, Hotspot, DHCP and Wireless users. Although User Manager Package is developed by MikroTik it will not be found in RouterOS by default. So, we have to install User Manager Package manually if we wish to use this RADIUS application. User Manager can be installed on MikroTik RouterBOARD, MikroTik CHR or MikroTik RouterOS installed on a PC. As MikroTik RouterBOARD usually has limited resources, it is always better to use MikroTik CHR or a PC RouterOS.
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VoIP Providers – How to Choose a Good Service Provider

What are the most important factors when you choose a VoIP provider for your home or small business? Read our simple tips on the six most critical criteria for good VoIP service.

VoIP in-Line to Beat Landline Calls in 2011

With the New Year fast approaching maybe you should make it your new year’s resolution to try something new in 2011. What better to do this than with VoIP, a service that looks to beat traditional landline calls this year. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cheap, simple and effective service that can improve both your short and long distance calls.

The Use Of BSS/OSS In Information Technology Advances

The management of business support operations and operations support systems known as BSS/OSS, defines the efficiency with which an information technology process runs. As one might expect from the names, BSS deals with all the portions of an information technology process that is internal to the delivery of service.

Reap the Benefits of VoIP Technology and Cut Communication Costs

The article describes the benefits of VoIP systems for businesses across various industry verticals. Affordable costs, better voice quality, long distance calling, flexibility and user friendly features are some of the benefits that VoIP systems offer.

Problems Faced When Using VoIP

Some of the common problems while using a VoIP based system and how to overcome them. Also discusses some configuration issues.

Why Move To An Internet Phone Service?

Are you interested in lowering your own phone bills and increasing the quality of your phone calls? Well next VoIP or an Internet phone service is the solution for you. Do away with your traditional land line phones and your cellular networks in favor of the net phone service. There are multiple reasons why you should think about making this move.

Five Basic Questions Answered About The Magic Jack Internet Phone

Magic Jack Internet Phone is a VoIP internet phone device that allows for free unlimited local and long distance calling when plugged into a computer with high speed internet. Compatible with operating systems of windows XP and up along with Intel based Macs. Not all area codes and prefixes are available at this time. This device can be used to call people in another country for free and receive calls for free.

How to Make the Most of Working From Home

The weather can be very unpredictable, and despite everyone’s best efforts, it can still surprise us, and a sudden downpour or even a substantial snow fall can force everyone to change their plans, especially where work is concerned. So if you find yourself working from home due to a surprising change in the weather, here are a few tips to help you work quickly and effectively from the comfort of your own home.

How to Install a VoIP Line For The New Year of 2011

With 2011 being just around the corner perhaps it is time that you tried out an easier way of making calls efficiently with VoIP. VoIP, more commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method of making calls, very much like a landline phone but with added benefits.

Introducing VoIP to Family and Friends

Technological advances have given the scope for flexible communication which is now connecting people without any hurdle. Now people are able to stay connected all around the world at low rates. VoIP is a technology which is increasingly being used by many individuals and organisations to make their communication process easier.

How Much Bandwidth Is Necessary For a Clear VoIP Connection?

Getting a clear VoIP connection isn’t difficult. All it requires is a minimum amount of bandwidth and to make sure that you’re not using any other Internet intensive applications.

Why More and More Consumers Are Switching to VoIP?

Nowadays free Internet phone service became very popular, the possibility to make long distance calls over the Internet draws attention of many people. No one can imagine his life without Internet, and the fact that it is so widespread gives the opportunity to make calls even for free. Many persons decide to abandon the traditional phone service in favor of VoIP, basically your phone calls travel over the Internet as a data, like emails do.

What Does Hosted VoIP Mean To My Business In 2011?

The corporate world is a fluid creature which moves, shifts and expands at a constant rate and brooks no lagging behind. In an age of free flowing communication, and the sharing of information, the competition level has never been higher. With this in mind a company which intends to either become successful or remain on top requires every advantage that it can muster, and telecommunications are key to a winning business plan.

Tips For Choosing The Best Business VoIP Provider

To compare business phone systems, it’s important to look for a top business VoIP provider. The company to be chosen should offer numerous features for one low cost.

String Telephones and VoIP Systems

We live in the age of communication supreme. Telecommunication advancements have revolutionised the way we speak to each other with VoIP providers, Skype calls, iPhones, BlackBerry and hundreds of other hosts and devices, all influencing our talking habits.

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