MikroTik Transparent Web Proxy Configuration

This video will show how to configure transparent web proxy in MikroTik router. A Proxy Server is usually placed between users and the internet so that the proxy server can track the activities of any user. Formerly, a proxy server was mainly used for caching the static content of any web server because the internet speed was too slow. So, users would get high speed for browsing as if they were browsing a local server. But nowadays the internet bandwidth has increased. So, the proxy server is usually not used for web caching today rather than it is popularly used as ACL (Access Control List) server. MikroTik RouterOS can perform as a HTTP proxy server.
For more details, visit: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-web-proxy-configuration

Now Enjoy Making VOIP Calls Through Your Mobile Phones

Technology has introduced VOIP services on mobile network which gives people an opportunity to keep in touch with their near and dear ones while on the move. With the advanced techniques of making cheap international calls through mobile phones, has increased the area of comfort for users.

Magic Jack – How to Make Free International Phone Calls

There are various other ways to make free phone calls. One of the most popular and the easiest ways to call international numbers free of cost is to use VoIP services. This is technology that uses internet to send voice messages. As it uses internet, you must be logged onto your PC with high speed internet. If the calling party is also using the same service like Skype, Yahoo messenger etc; the calls are completely free of cost.

Credible Services of VoIP Resellers

The expansion of telecommunication is on its high, holding a lot of potential on internet. Experiencing a dynamic solution of staying in touch with the world has evolved with VoIP which is no doubt playing a significant role in connecting people. VoIP Resellers are spreading their incredible services to home and business.

VoIP Phone Service – One of the Best Voice Phone Services

VoIP services are becoming the major features in the communication scenario of both the common man as well as of the big company. The advantages that are a part of this service bear not only the tag of excellence but many other tags like brilliance, magnificent and fantastic. The success is able to be seen in the money being earned by the numerous service providers who are involved in the act of providing the features of the VoIP technology in the form of VoIP phone services all around the world.

Mobile Call Manager For the iPhone?

One of the benefits of a successful blog, is the talented people you meet and the ideas that you exchange with other industry professionals. Through an earlier blog on the subject of connecting an Apple iPhone to a ShoreTel System as a SiP extension, I met such a creative talent: Matt Vlasach of Pacificswell! Matt was both an excited ShoreTel user and a iPhone aficionado. Thought Matt was happy to play with SIP his real interest was in creating a ShoreTel App for the iPhone!

Free Calling to Any of Your Favorite Destinations

Hassle free communication is a wish from every individual. At a time, when people are open to use so many high-tech mode of systems and gadgets in order to be in touch with each other, everyone wants to access them with the least possible cost.

Avail the Opportunity to Call Middle East Unlimited

It is a human tendency to always be a part of the economically stable society. This is the reason, why most people try to migrate to the places which are economically strong as well as provide positive growth rate.

Use VoIP Calls to Experience Cheap Call Rates to the UK

With the immense progress of internet phone service, the hassle of making cheap international calls has solved, and the credit goes to advanced technology that has contributed in the telecom sector by providing a chance to make cheap calls to the UK. With the advancement of technology, VoIP calls get huge popularity due to their cost effectiveness.

Exciting Calling Plans For an Effective Communication

Advancement of technology has lead us to a comfortable way to live our life. With the arrival of mobile phones, which is probably the best gift from the modern technology, people have become used to a simple process of communicating with each other. Gone are those old days, when people have to wait for a trunk call, with a foundation to finish the talk within few seconds.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Advancement in technology now covers VoIP phone system. Learn how this communication system really works.

The VoIP Service Provider Revolution

There is no denying that the Internet telephony is well poised to take a giant leap in the global communications industry. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), simply stated, is the technology for transmitting voice over a data network using the Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP technology is set to cause a revolution in global communications and essentially change the way the phone services are structured.

Potential Problem With VoIP on a Wireless Network

Do you experience call quality issues with VoIP on a wireless network? The reason may be the type of data you share on that network.

Avail Unlimited Call Plans and Make VoIP Calls

Internet has revolutionized the world of telecommunication and opened up new possibilities that have been tapped adequately. The introduction of VoIP has revamped the entire concept of communication. Now long distance calls at cheap rates is possible with the help of VoIP technology.

The Benefits of Skype For an Internet Based Business

You may have heard of Skype, but are not sure what it is or what it can do for you. Skype is a phenomenon that is really starting to take off. Its ease of use and total lack of any cost to use has made it very popular, especially among the internet marketing crowd. You can use this incredible technology from Google to place calls all over the world for free, which is excellent if you’re running an international internet based business.

Skype Emoticons

In the past the only way that you could talk to people in another state or country was on the phone. That has now changed thanks to modern technology.

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