MikroTik Static Routing Configuration (Step by Step)

Routing is used to find other networks which is not directly connected in the local router. In static routing, networks are manually generated in routing table knowing the next hope IP or outgoing interface in which the network router is connected. MikroTik static routing configuration will be found in this video.
For more details, visit: http://systemzone.net/static-routing-configuration-in-mikrotik-router

Enjoy Making Cheap Internet Calls Using Your PC

Internet phone service has been fulfilling the demands of cheap international calling, offering affordable calling rates. The user can utilize this fabulous service and interact with friends and relatives over the phone in a hassle free manner.

VoIP Phone – Makes Your Life Simpler

VoIP Phone is in headings and many people are switching to VoIP service due to its inexpensiveness and other benefits. Several telecommunication companies are also trying to switch to this service.

VoIP – Providing Businesses the Competitive Edge

Business VoIP has so many amazing and great features. Firstly, it lowers the calling costs. Landline telephone billing differs from a VoIP bill.

How to Make Cheap International Calls With VoIP

With VoIP technology it possible to make phone calls over the internet, using your broadband internet service, and the call quality is great as long as your high speed internet connection is satisfactory. VoIP service is very inexpensive, and provides a money saving alternative to the traditional telephone.

Make Sure Your Hosted VoIP Service Passes Interoperability Tests

Interoperability is amongst the most crucial features of a carrier grade Hosted PBX solution. Enterprises and carriers hate surprises, especially when it comes to making Hosted phone service work with devices such as SIP phones (Softphones, hardphones), SBC (Session Border Controllers) and other IP equipment.

To SIP Or to Skype – Where is the Server?

When using SIP to make your free calls, many providers will make it really easy for you… until you want to reach a user of another provider or network. As a free Skype user, you are generally restrained to Skype’s network at the moment of placing free calls. There are actually several Skype servers. One day we will witness a fusion of both approaches: the industry standard and openness of SIP plus the peer-to-peer advantage of Skype.

Internet Telephony – Present and Future of VoIP Calls

Whether people know it or not, VoIP does not always mean “SIP”. Whichever the complexity or price of the VoIP service, there is one outstanding aspect in which they are all similar.

Panasonic Phone Systems and VOIP

VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) VOIP explained VOIP, apart from being the biggest buzz word our industry has ever seen is in simple terms, a way of connecting phone handsets or phone calls from one place to another over computer network instead of normal telephone wires. There are 3 main purposes for using VOIP: VOIP extensions (for remote workers) VOIP lines (instead of traditional phone lines), VOIP gateways (to interconnect phone systems on different sites together).

The Basics – Pros and Cons of VoIP Services

VoIP, is Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that has been around for quite a while now. The possibility is growing that it will revolutionize modern phone systems.

Free Calls – Skype Or SIP, That is the Question

I have often come across the phrase “but Skype is not SIP”, which is only partially true. I would like to point out that SIP is precisely the technology that Skype uses when diverting a call to a landline or mobile number. If you prefer SIP because it is an open industry standard, I say, sure thing, it is worth it if that is what you like and that is what suits you. Instead of sticking to Skype or SIP, why don’t we simply use the one we prefer, while keeping an eye on what the other technology can do for us?

Reduce Your Phone Bill With VoIP Phone

VoIP has the ability to combine the phone and the Internet service into a single service that was originally designed for the data transfer but due to immense popularity was started being used for the voice transfer as well. Catering to the requirement of both domestic and businesses users this VoIP technology has gained immense popularity due to considerable low local and long distance call rates.

VoIP Billing System – Automating the Daunting Billing Task

With the advent of the VoIP technology in the telecom sector the IP phone companies have been able to make a strong impact on their clients and customers. In order to effectively manage the clients, VoIP billing system is used that facilitate the daunting billing task of the IP phone companies.

Enrich Your Business With a Highly Efficient VoIP Solution Provider

Importance of VoIP is well recognized today by the most of the companies and individuals who are deploying the VoIP technology to maximize their growth and prosperity. Today every company is looking out for the means that will help them to save considerable amount of money and VoIP being an extremely flexible communication mode can be well integrated with almost any business irrespective of the type and size of the organization.

Internet Calls – Hassle Free Calling

Introduction of Internet technology has created a kind of revolution in the field of communication. It has gifted so many new technique for our assistance that we do not have to depend on the traditional modes of being in touch with each other. Development of VoIP technology has made calling easy.

Cheap VoIP Calls to India to Facilitate Trouble Free Communication

Developments taking place in the field of new age technology has contributed a lot in the progress of communication process. People are blessed with simple ways to stay in touch with each other.

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