MikroTik SSTP Server Configuration with Windows 10 Client

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provides a secure and encrypted tunnel across a public network. So, a private network user can send and receive data to any remote private network through VPN tunnel as if his/her network device was directly connected to that private network.

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) transports PPP tunnel over TLS channel. SSTP uses TLS channel over TCP port 443. So, SSTP VPN can virtually pass through all firewalls and proxy servers. Because of using TLS channel, encrypted data passes over SSTP Tunnel. So, there is no chance to steal data by a middle man attacker and data can send and receive across public network safely.

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Enjoy The Convenience of Internet Telephone – You Should Learn

Are you interested in using the Internet Telephone? There are more and more people who find that this kind of phone is something brilliant indeed.

Recognize The Value of VoIP In The World of Technology

VoIP, or Voice of IP, is something that many people would like to have nowadays. It would not be difficult for people to find this kind of method for communication nowadays. If you do not want to lose contact with the technological advancement, you should also try to learn this thing and you would also be able to be one of the perfect leaders in the fashion trend if you try to use VoIP for contacting the others indeed.

The Greater Opportunities of VoIP To Subscribers

When you try to find information related to VoIP, you would find that it might be something really useful. However, it would not be really mean ‘SIP’ indeed. When we try to use SIP to call the other people, you would find that you would be able to call some other SIP users.

Internet Telephone – The Perfect Invention For You!

The telecommunication technology of the world is changing rapidly in recent years and Internet Telephone is the new product. In the past, the invention of cell phone was something wonderful. But now, cell phone might not be the only product that you can use to communicate with your friends when you are not at home.

The Greater Benefits For You To Learn Something With VoIP

For people who do not know about VoIP, they should try to take a look at here because they probably would be able to find a lot of convenient things when they try to spend the time to look for this kind of information indeed. The idea of VoIP is quite simple indeed.

VoIP – The Convenient Way Of Calling

There are a lot of people who would like to try the VoIP service nowadays. These people would like to save the money in making long distance call and they might also find that it is very convenient for them to make calls using the computer because they probably do not need to hold their cell phones all the time in order to chat with the others.

Do You Think VoIP Has Greater Points For Their Subscribers?

Nowadays, many businessmen would like to set up their own VoIP system. This is something that a lot of companies would like to enjoy because they know that the cost of phoning would be lowered if they adopt this kind of system indeed.

Internet Telephone – The Right Help For You To Enjoy

As you get started to have the Internet Telephone, you would find that there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy. Compared with the traditional calling systems, the use of Internet Telephone is something awesome and plenty of people would not mind spending the time and money to get this kind of system for their house.

Tips For Choosing The Reliable Packages for Internet Telephony

In recent years, it would not be difficult for you to understand that there are some companies providing a kind of service called the Internet Telephony service. This is actually something really innovative and this is one of the greatest designs regarded by some people indeed.

Internet Telephony – Understand The Pros and Cons

When you try to get the Internet Telephony service, you would easily find that there are both advantages and disadvantages of using these technologies indeed. First of all, you would be able to enjoy a great savings in your monetary sense.

Learn About The Wonderful Experience of VoIP

Have you ever imagined of using a convenient system like VoIP to enhance your usage experience of phone conversation? This kind of technology is something great in the world.

The Wonderful VoIP System – Learn To Get Them!

These years, the development of the internet enabled the VoIP system to develop and expand in the world wonderfully. There are different forms of VoIP system that people can enjoy nowadays. They can try to purchase a certain kind of phone which looks almost the same as the traditional phone.

Internet Telephony – A Product That Makes You Happy Like No Other

If you try to spend the time to have a kind of research about Internet Telephony, you would find that there are plenty of advantages for you to enjoy indeed. One form of the common and welcomed Internet Telephony is the VoIP.

Internet Telephony – A Wonderful Solution For Communication Purposes

There are really a lot of benefits that you would be able to enjoy when you try to use the Internet Telephony service. One of them is that you would be able to make several calls at the same time.

The Greater Technology of Internet Telephony

When you spend time to find new technology related to the internet, you would probably find that Internet Telephony is one of the great products of it. Many people and companies have recognized that integrating Internet Telephony into their life is something wonderful.

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