MikroTik Site to Site GRE Tunnel Configuration with IPsec

GRE encapsulates IP packets in IP to make a tunnel between two MkroTik routers. GRE tunnel with IPsec ensures IP packet encapsulation as well as authentication and encryption. So, GRE tunnel with IPsec makes a secure and authenticated site to site VPN that can be reliable to send private data across public network.
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Grow Your Business With Internet Phone Service

Internet Phone Service is becoming very popular, as it is highly cost effective. The service actually works on internet or World Wide Web to make calls.

HD Voice Makes Business VoIP More Attractive With Superb Audio Quality

IP communications allows users to get their calls in high definition with wideband technology. This increase in voice quality is particularly useful for calls with foreign clients or long conference calls with multiple participants.

VOIP – The Cheap Connection to the World!

VOIP is truly an amazing service. Learn about Voice Over Internet Protocol and how it can let you call worldwide for free!

Finding Quality Wholesale SIP Termination Services

If you are in need of finding good wholesale sip termination services, then you will want to look around until you find exactly what you need. You will want to find a platform that can handle thousands of calls at one time. Of course the VOIP rates differ from country to country, but no matter where you live, you should get the kind of quality that you need.

How to Select the Best VoIP Service For Your Needs

To begin with, VoIP or Voice over internet protocol refers to the transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over Internet protocol networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks. It is one of the most popular and convenient communication services these days. The most important advantage of using VoIP is that it allows you to make and receive cheap or free local and international phone calls provided with a good VoIP service.

VoIP Providers – Enjoy the Wonderful Telephone Services

There is no doubt that telecommunication industry has enhanced in terms of international calling and has led to enormous opportunities for businessmen and individuals. The entire telecommunication sector has witnessed a lot of changes, resulting in positive change that has made the lives of people more comfortable and even easier. Internet phone service has given people a chance to get rid of costly charges involved in international calling.

A Beginner’s Guide to Skype

Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP programs on the internet today. There are a variety of reasons for that.

Becoming a VoIP – How to Get Into the VoIP Industry

VoIP seems to be the magic word these days. People want to try it out. The big guns of business are in it.

The Basics of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Voice over internet protocol is a common name being used for a technology that uses transmission that delivers voice communication through the internet or packet-switched networks. There are many other terms that are being applied on it too, such as internet telephony, broadband telephony or broadband phone. Basically, its main purpose is to deliver communication services in the form of such as facsimile, voice or voice-messaging applications. They are all communicated or conveyed through the internet.

Understanding Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) appears to be quite a cheap way of availing local or long distance calls. Though it can be thought as a substitute to the conventional telephone service, there is more to VoIP that should be understood. VoIP is basically a convenient and inexpensive way of sending voice calls through the use of the Internet. It can, however, be used by means of either a traditional phone with an adapter or a computer.

VoIP Reseller Opportunities Galore

VoIP is getting immensely popular. There is no doubt that the industry is growing at a rapid pace. This has lead to enormous opportunities for the VoIP resellers as well.

VoIP With MPLS – Assured Efficiency

If you are in need of a good technology to go together with your VoIP, MPLS is certainly what you are searching for. MPLS or MultipProtocol Label Switching is a frame relay technology which is actually IP based using a lot of additional abilities in a network. It interconnects your WAN allowing to prioritize traffic for your videos as well as voice protocols.

What Draws People to Use Internet Phone Service

The introduction of Internet phone service has relieved us from the nuisance of huge monthly phone bills. Finally, we have an alternative to PSTN’s expensive service – rather an alternative that gives excellent quality of service and many other benefits.

What About Mobile VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now an outstanding means of long distance communication with a much lesser cost, enabling its users to save money through the use of a simple telephone with an adapter or making use of computer-to-computer calls. Recently, a number of ways has been utilized to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol and other associated technological advancements concerning mobile phones.

No Regulatory Body For the Internet?

On April 6, 2010 the District of Columbia U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not have the authority to regulate how internet service providers manage Web traffic to their customers. This leaves the U.S. with no governing body for the internet.

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