MikroTik – Send Browsing Log to Remote Syslog Server

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MikroTik RouterOS is capable of logging various system events as well as user browsing information. Logs can be saved in router’s memory (RAM), disk, file, sent by email or even sent to remote syslog server. Sometimes it may require saving user browsing log by the law. So, a syslog server is an essential part to any network. In this video, I have showed how to configure MikroTik Router to keep user browsing log and send that log to remote syslog server. I have also showed how to install and configure MikroTik Syslog Daemon to view and save browsing log sent from MikroTik Router.
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Ventrilo Server Hosting or TeamSpeak Server Hosting

Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are both VoIP software programs that have been revolutionizing the voice over IP market. Which one do you use?

Indispensable Business Phone Service Features

One of the many ways to keep a good business running is to obtain a reliable small business phone service arrangement. Considering the technology today, there is a large archive of communication services. With many different business phone services coming, conference calls would be the best solution to several businesses issues nowadays.

Cheaper Digital Phone Service With a Digital Video Phone

Digital phone service is cheaper due to modern technology. The savings include basic service, free long distance, and lower-cost international calling. Connect a video phone to your broadband internet and benefit from the cheaper cost. Enjoy seeing the person you are talking to.

Voice Over IP and SIP Trunks

Some businesses subscribe to VoIP services through providers like Vonage or local cable TV companies like Comcast. By connecting the analog trunk ports of their current phone system directly to the VoIP service providers ATA, businesses can convert their calls to VoIP and save on local and long distance charges.

Best Video Phone For You

There are several types and models to choose from when searching for a home video phone. How do you know which is the best one for your specific needs?

MagicJack – Is Nettalk Duo Better Than Magicjack?

When Magicjack hit the market in 2007, very few people realized that this small device will really be able deliver on its promises of free long distance calls to US and Canada. Though VoIP phone service like Skype was already very popular in those days, it required both the parties (Caller and the Calling party) to be online to make a call which was somewhat not so convenient for everybody. With the introduction of MagicJack, a new feature that enabled the calling party to receive calls on his/her traditional phone, VoIP telephony became more user friendly.

Advantages of VoIP Service for Business

The VoIP service gives even a small or mid-sized business the image of a big corporation. The auto attendant manages calls incoming a very professional manner, greeting the callers and presenting them with a list of options for call routing to the desired extensions.

VoIP Has Still Contracted Our Planet

The telephony technology has always been a dynamic one because the demands of consumers have always been unrelenting. So, the players in the industry are always kept on their toes because they face the formidable task of coming out with innovative features and solutions to cater to the expectations of consumers. The latest innovation in this industry is VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol. This innovation has definitely added a new dimension in this ever-expanding industry.

What Internet Speed Is Required For Good Quality Using VOIP?

Delves into the type of Internet speed which is required for VoIP to work properly. Explains the function of codecs and how they factor in to VoIP speeds.

Secret to Maximizing the Chances for IT Project Success

Before starting a new Information Technology project, it is important to do everything possible to make sure it will be a success. It is exciting to thing about how a new application or system can improve productivity and reduce costs. It is also exciting to be responsible for putting in place something new, and imagining the positive comments and admiration from everyone else at the company. Since that is the goal, it is definitely worthwhile to put together a solid plan that takes everything into account for the entire project.

International Dialing – How to Get Calls for Free

There are actually ways to make cheap international calls or even get calls for free. A bit of research will save you a lot of money and you’ll be surprised how much free talk time you can actually get.

Enhance Your Customer Care Business by Using the Best Wholesale VoIP Equipments

With the advent of technology and telecommunication industry, the consumers have experienced some new high standards and luxuries in life which offer them better modes of communication and work. It a delight nowadays to watch the people connect to one another and enjoy brilliant moments which they can cherish for a lifetime. This technological boom has also resulted in a great expertise in the business and corporate world where the businessmen are using this technology to meet their gains and profit margins impressively.

Five Lesser Known Advantages of Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Let’s say that after much deliberation, your company has finally decided to migrate to VoIP and make use of the new technology to save money on call and maintenance costs. This sensible decision will undoubtedly give the company leverage to keep up with changing business environments and roll with the punches, so to speak. But did you know that there are some other advantages in VoIP that are less known to many users?

Get to Know the Benefits of Audio Conferencing and Stay Connected

In this fast paced world, audio conferencing is fast turning out to be the preferred means of communication. Know some of its best benefits and stay connected.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Signaling Protocols

To make VoIP work, it entails hardware and software elements that work together – each with specific functions necessary in the overall scheme of things. The hardware may include the fiber-optic cables and switches that bring broadband connectivity as well as the on-site physical PBX system, local phones and PCs used for configuring the system. The software side may include a hosted PBX system, soft phones, the compression codecs, encryption and packetizing schemes, and the signalling protocols that initiate and end each VoIP call.

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