MikroTik RouterOS User Authentication via Radius Server

MikroTik User Manager RADIUS Server is a powerful RADIUS application that can be used to manage multiple RouterOS login user centrally in a large network. This video will show how to authenticate MikroTik RouterOS user via Radius Server.

For more details, visit: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-routeros-user-authentication-via-radius-server

How to Explain SIP to a Non-Technical Person

SIP, or Session Internet Protocol, isn’t necessarily a new communications concept. It has been around awhile although it seems to be garnering a resurgence in Telephony applications today. But how do you explain what SIP is when asked?

VoIP – Make Free PC to Phone Calls Worldwide

With the ongoing stiff situation, technology has introduced an internet phone service to cope up with the present scenario in terms of international calling, connecting long distance people at cheap rates. The fact that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers value added services along with quality services, has fascinated people all over the world.

Hosted VoIP App Stores – Junk Food Or Sweet Deals?

So I was brushing up on industry news and something struck me. Whether you work in hosted VoIP PBX or not, everyone in the communications industry is in app frenzy. It’s insane!

Will the Internet Ever Completely Do Away With Phone Calls?

Debates concerning the advantages of email over telephone calls have been raging for a long time, but with the advent of various innovations, the principal advantage of the telephone its ability to allow for an instant response has been whittled away. There are now three main means by which this is possible over the internet – voice telephony (commonly referred to as VoIP), data conferencing, and video conferencing.

Hosted VoIP & Unified Communications Advance Mobile Workers

Unified communications is making it increasingly easy for workers to accomplish their duties via mobile device. Whether using a hosted VoIP PBX, another form of business VoIP, or some other service supporting a UC device, the sheer size of the predicted mobile worker base is astounding.

How Does MagicJack Work? Straight-Forward Answers on the MagicJack Phone Service

Many of you have read my MagicJack review and hacks for fixing MagicJack problems and optimizing your call quality, but I’ve never really explained a core question: how does MagicJack work? If you are familiar with VoIP, you already have a pretty good idea, but for those who don’t readily recognize the acronym, MagicJack works by routing phone calls from a standard phone through your computer’s internet connection to a central processing center.

Enjoy Free Calls Proffered by VoIP Technology

Technological growth has developed such a great internet phone service, helping people to make international calls at cheap rates along with a chance to get into various entertainment activities including video calling, photo sharing, SMS facility, instant messaging facility. The availability of VoIP services has given users an opportunity to make calls at their convenience at any corner of the world, using number of advanced features like call waiting, call divert, call conference, caller ID etc.

Make Money With Minimum Investment Using VoIP

Making money on internet is a new trend which is creating a stir these days. That is the reason why more and more people are switching onto the VoIP reseller program. VoIP has made communication easier and given a freedom of calling to any part across the globe.

Find an SIP Provider

VOIP is not just a funny sounding word. Voice over internet protocol is taking the internet by storm. Making video phone calls and using the internet as your phone line is all the rage.

Find Out About VOIP Video Phones

Find the best providers for your VOIP Video Phone. Learn about the fastest ways to talk over the internet using your VOIP Phone. Find out about the different providers that will help you talk over the internet.

Ditch My Landline? I Think Not! Combine Your Home and Mobile VoIP

As the price of unlimited, or high minute cellular plans continues to become less expensive (but not cheap), many people have already cut their landline service to their home. Even more have at least thought about it. Let’s face it, if you have unlimited minutes on your cell phone, or you don’t use all of your included minutes each month, why have two phone services? You could save $25-$50 per month by dumping your landline service.

USB IP Phone

Find the best USB IP Phone on the market. Choose the unit that is right for you. Research the different companies offering these phones and compare models.

iPhone Owners Should Seriously Consider VoIP Over 3G

Now that AT&T and Apple have opened up VoIP for 3G, Apple iPhone users should seriously consider using VoIP when given the chance. VoIP opens up a whole list of options that iPhone users do not have without it.

Free Calls – PC to Phone – The Comfort of Calling is Right in Front of You

Communication being a pivotal part of social life, has a great influence over people. Convenient and effective ways of communication is a need for every individual.

What is VOIP? VOIP Simply Explained

The term VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, also called Voice over IP. VOIP is the name of any technology that allows us to talk to someone else through any network that uses the Internet Protocol, such as the internet itself. This article explains how VoIP works, how we can use VoIP technology and the costs involved.

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