MikroTik Radius Configuration with FreeRADIUS

FreeRADIUS is a RADIUS suite that provides authentication, authorization and accounting facility for a large number of network devices including MikroTik Router. This video will show how to configure MikroTik Radius with freeRADIUS server to authenticate and authorize MikroTik login user from freeRADIUS user database.

For more detail, visit: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-radius-configuration-with-freeradius

Tips on Saving Money When You Call Abroad

Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. By utilising some tips, you can save money the next time you call Bangladesh.

Great Reasons For Growing Businesses to Invest in an Auto Attendant

One of the best things to happen to a small or medium scale business is growth. Growth, however, has side effects that need to be addressed at the earliest possible onset. For one, businesses need to make sure that they are properly handling all their inbound calls.

Call Internationally When and How You Want

In order to call India, you will be faced with a variety of choices. Talking to your family and friends means that you need flexibility about when you can make calls and flexibility how you can complete those important calls.

Don’t Spend a Lot of Money to Call Internationally

Take the time to explore your options before calling another country. In doing so, you will find a wide range of options that will both save you money and give you the flexibility you need.

How Discount Calling Services Work With Your Phone Provider

Discount calling services can save you money when making international calls. Find out how these services work with your traditional phone provider when you call Pakistan, India, or any other country.

Call Internationally More Often and Save

You do not need to restrict your Bangladesh calls even though you do not live in Bangladesh any longer. There are ways to save money when phoning home that are quick and convenient.

Can a Video Phone Make a Difference in Your Life?

I know that everyone has either heard of or even purchased the new Apple iPhone recently. What does this suggest?

Cloud PBX is an Inexpensive and Highly Efficient Option For Your Small Business

Cloud PBX is the newest technology wave utilizing the internet to send data in packages through the air like a ‘cloud’. The ‘cloud’ helps facilitate a variety of workplace activities, including communication, data storage and transfer, the cataloging of information, secure server space for web hosting, and more. The evolution of voice-over Internet protocol, or VoIP, communications has contributed to the popularity of cloud PBX, as many small businesses are choosing to use cloud communications over traditional phone lines due to lower costs and increased feature options.

Comparing Residential Voice Service Providers

You can browse through websites that compares the VoIP prices of major service providers. As part of a flat monthly fee, some packages now include varying amounts of international calling.

How to Use a VLAN For Awesome VoIP Packet Prioritization

As use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continues to grow at a frenetic pace, new users are frequently surprised by the frequency of problems. Unless the user has more bandwidth than his needs could ever consume, users of Vonage, Skype, Google Voice, as well as users of business-type services like Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX and Hosted VoIP will experience trouble. Experienced and successful VoIP users have learned that with proper planning and care, VoIP does live up to its hype.

An Overview of VoIP Telephony Solutions on Your Personal Computer

The amazing advances in Internet technology have not only revolutionized the way information is disseminated on a global scale- it has also changed the way telephony connects people. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology has proven to be a more cost-effective alternative to standard telephone services. Aside from the cost savings, VoIP services offer several more telephony features that go beyond the capabilities and functions of traditional telephony.

Choosing a VoIP Provider For Your Home

If you wish to have the VoIP in your home, you will have several things to consider before choosing the appropriate VoIP provider. Only then you will be able to take into account you and your family’s needs to subscribe to the suitable provider and a proper set up.

What is VoIP Codecs?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. In general, it refers to the IP telephony or internet telephony – an alternative to make phone calls, either cheaper than normal calls or entirely free. Literally it is no longer a “phone” as you can easily communicate without a telephone set.

How to Get Cheap International Phone Rates

There are options available to reduce your phone bill on international calls. Use one of these options to save money the next time you call India.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Telephone

Most of you would have heard about VoIP and for those who haven’t it’s never too late. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is revolutionizing the telephone industry by combining the benefits of traditional analog telephones and modern day internet. VoIP telephone works by converting the analog signals into digital signal so that you get superb audio quality.

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