MikroTik PPPoE Server Configuration with freeRADIUS Server

PPPoE Service is one of the most popular services in MikroTik Router. It is specially used by the local ISP provider for the simplicity of client connection. MikroTik PPPoE Service accepts user or client authentication and authorization both MikroTik local user database and RADIUS user database. RADIUS Server provides an efficient way to manage user authentication, authorization and accounting. FreeRADIUS is a high performance RADIUS suite that provides user authentication, authorization and accounting facility for a number of network devices including MikroTik Router. So, connecting MikroTik Router with freeRADIUS Server, PPPoE user can be managed efficiently. How to configure freeRADIUS server with MySQL database and how to configure user profile with MySQL were discussed in my previous video. In this video, I will show how to configure MikroTik PPPoE Service and how to authenticate and authorize PPPoE user from freeRADIUS Server.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-pppoe-server-configuration-with-freeradius-server

FreeRADIUS User Profile Configuration: https://youtu.be/1alD36EtroE

FreeRADIUS installation on CentOS 7: https://systemzone.net/freeradius-installation-and-basic-configuration-on-centos-7

FreeRADIUS with MySQL: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-radius-configuration-with-freeradius-and-mysql

Feature-rich and Cost-effective VoIP Hosted PBX Services

Feature-rich and cost-effective VoIP hosted PBX services are a real support for small and medium-sized businesses. VoIP hosted PBX services augment their business identity.

How Viable is VoIP For Businesses?

Entrepreneurs and investors know how important communication is to the success of any venture. Having proper communication channels with clients, suppliers, partners and staff ensures that every aspect of the business is well met and organized to make sure all processes runs as smoothly as possible. Making certain that all vital information be quickly relayed–whether it be to employees, clients or suppliers-keeps the business from collapsing.

Where to Begin With VoIP Phone Systems?

Over the last century, telecommunications technology has developed in leaps and bounds. Where there were copper wires there are now fiber optic cables, and where there used to be human-operated switchboards now there are automated systems and satellite routers. Almost all areas of life encompass some form of telecommunications thanks to the internet. One particular area that has developed as a result is telephony. Where a user would have to physically wind up a phone before use, they can now simply pick up the handset and dial the number required.

VoIP to Be the Trendsetter in Mobile Telecommunications

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol networks have slowly gained a foothold on telecommunications and are slowly replacing standard PSTN phones as the mainstream telephony devices used for personal, commercial and industrial use. As people and businesses continue to demand more cost-effective communications solutions, VoIP technologies is turning towards the mobile market. Mobile devices can be transformed into a VoIP phone with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients – the same signaling protocol that is used for voice and video communication sessions over the Internet.

Understanding 911 Calling With VoIP Providers

Accessing emergency services by dialing 911 is a critical component of public safety. The general public is accustomed to the functionality of calls to 911 over traditional telephone service. Consumer customers of Vonage, Skype and Google Voice as well as business customers of Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP and Virtual PBX from VoIP providers use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a completely different technology. VoIP technology brings unique challenges and different functionality in 911 call processing. Do not expect VoIP 911 calls to function the same as traditional telephone 911 calls.

Way to Make a Cheap Call Abroad

You may be searching on ways to make cheap international calls to America. Technology has evolved and has now provided ways to make really cheap calls. VoIP is this magic word.

A Beginners Guide to Small Business VoIP

Small businesses always have it rough for the first few years of their existence. The problem is that due to the size of the business, it is caught in a catch-22: they need to grow larger in order to attract more customers, but they cannot access and leverage the resources they need because of their small size. Fifty percent of all small businesses fail within one to five years after they are started.

VOIP PBX Systems For Beginners

Businesses are looking for new ways to tighten their belts during the economic downturn. Most companies save over 30 percent on their phone bills by switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The VOIP – short for Voice Over Internet Protocol is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange ) telecom system that operates via an internet connection. A telephone system of this sort provides companies with the option to customise their telecommunications set-up, and reduce their monthly phone bills as well. Individuals will pay one low monthly price in order to call anywhere in the world.

VoIP Phones – An Introduction

Organisations can benefit greatly from a new telecomms technology called Voice over Internet Protocol that is gaining popularity. Phones has developed greatly since the first phone invented by Alexander Graham Bell. But copper wires and switchboard have given way to the modern Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and it’s use of fiber-optic cables for fast voice and fax data transmission. Conversations between phone users are possible via voice digitization that allows telephone calls to be sent over the fiber-optic telephone lines.

How VoIP Can Help Your Small Business

Since the introduction of Skype, the free PC to PC phone service, most Americans have become aware of the advantages of VoIP phone systems for personal calling. Recently, VoIP is available across multiple mediums including mobile telephone devices like AT&T’s iPhone or Google’s Android.

SIP Softphone – What is it and What is Special About It?

A Softphone is a software application that is used to make phone calls over internet that works based on VoIP. It is a virtual telephone without any requirement of separate hardware and it can be used by plugging just the headset to the sound card of our computer.

Hear the Buzz About VOIP

It is easy for you to use VOIP and be a part of a new way of communicating that transcends the traditional use of telephones. With an analog telephone adapter and an existing telephone jack, you can enjoy VOIP from a fixed location, provided by broadband Internet and cable companies and with the use of your computer. Or, if you use a VOIP phone, you can connect to the IP through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Benefits of a VoIP Hosted Phone System

If you’re thinking about taking your small business up a notch, you can start by making it easier on your secretary and choosing a hosted business phone system. If you don’t have one already, here are some of the benefits of a hosted phone system.

Why Not Take a Chance on Video Phone Technology?

We all love technology in one way or another. The big question you usually ponder is which new gadget should you spend your hard earned money on? It’s definitely a tough decision to make at times. Will it be a new cell phone, a digital camera, an MP3 player, GPS, etc. Well, think of it in this way; are any of these technologies capable of enhancing your life? Do They provide you with any emotional satisfaction?

Use a Voice Messaging Service to Send Message Blasts Quickly and Affordably!

Have you heard about using online voice messaging options to send message blasts, as a way to get your message out quickly and affordably? With an online voice messaging service, it is possible to create or import a call list, record your message blast and hit a button to send out a marketing newsflash, announce a special event or just keep in touch with customers.

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