MikroTik Port Forwarding using Winbox

MikroTik Port Forwarding is a NAT application that helps to get local services (Web Server, FTP Server or SSH Server) from the internet or public network. This video will show how to configure MikroTik Port Forwarding to get local services from public network.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-port-forwarding-using-winbox

Understanding PABX and Its Capabilities For Your Business

If you have a growing business, chances are you may need some communications help such as a PABX system. Understanding its capabilities will help you choose the right communications path for your business.

ShoreTel Enhanced Workgroup Services

Historically, there were three services in the ShoreTel architecture that were no distributed to other servers. To over simplify, this meant that if the HQ server (read primary server) was unavailable, the services that were not distributed would not function.

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Call Routing Based on Schedules

If you have been following our tech tips, you know that route points in the ShoreTel IPBX have a matching IRN in the Contact Center. If you want to route a call to a different destination based on the date and time that a call hits the Contact Center, how and where would you apply the schedule?

VoIP Resellers Make Little Investment in Voice Over Services

Find out how anyone with the proper client base can offer voice over services. VoIP resellers can increase revenue without making a large investment.

Break Into the VoIP Resellers Market

Programs available for VoIP resellers allow businesses to expand into a growing telecommunications field. Find out which types of programs are offered by VoIP providers.

Hosted IP PBX – Improved Features and Capabilities

Equipping your small business office with a hosted IP PBX phone system boasting improved features and capabilities goes a long way in maintaining efficient communication with your customers and business associates. With the hosted IP PBX, small offices can enjoy all many advantages without making huge capital investment.

ShoreTel ECC – The Powerful “Change Call Profile” Scripting Tool

Call Profiles can be of two varieties in the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center. They are either System Mandatory or User definable. ( Actually, to be absolutely correct, we need to acknowledge that “Skill Sets” are another type of call profile, but we are including them as User definable).

The Wholesale VoIP Online Trading Market

Consider an online trading platform when searching for wholesale VoIP services. Online trading is taking off as more clients want call services for cheap.

Use Your PC to Save Money and Call Overseas

Calling software now allows you to call Pakistan or any other country for little to no money. Decide which option best meets your calling needs.

Pissed Off Callers Cost You Revenue – Fix it With Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

In the typical business climate, sales departments generate revenue and customer service departments protect revenue. Many times, your phone system connects the customers to sales and customer service. If callers are left on hold for employees of these departments while they assist other callers, then you have a big problem.

Call Overseas From Your Mobile For Reduced Rates

Don’t pay inflated rates when you call India or other overseas countries from your cellular phone. Find out how to reduce your mobile phone bill with reduced international calling rates.

The Best VoIP Services – Where You Get Real Savings

With so much hype surrounding Vonage and MagicJack VoIP services, you’d wonder if these are really the best ones around. Know the real deal and what to look for in VoIPs.

VoIP Platforms and Services

Choosing between VoIP platforms can seem confusing. The key is to pick a service that best meets your communication needs.

Mobile VoIP Applications Allow Users Access to Their VoIP Network Benefits

Mobile VoIP app publishers are working hard to make sure that they’re products are ready for the new iPhone, the IPad, and the Android phones. However, many people are still unfamiliar with VoIP benefits, and what they can mean on a mobile device. Here, we discuss one mobile application called the Acrobits Softphone, and the new mobile features it brings to VoIP users.

Mobile VoIP Applications Allow Users Access to Their VoIP Network Benefits – Part 2

An increasing number of applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones deal specifically with bringing VoIP communications to the mobile user. Here we are going to focus on SIPDroid, a free, open source application for the Android Phone.

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