MikroTik OpenVPN Server Configuration with Windows Client

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MikroTik OpenVPN is able to create a secure and encrypted OpenVPN tunnel between a remote client and OpenVPN Server across public network. So, a remote OpenVPN client can communicate to OpenVP Server’s local network as if it was directly connected to the local network. OpenVPN setup guide is available in this article.
For more details: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-openvpn-configuration-on-tcp-port-443-with-windows-os/ or http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-openvpn-setup-with-windows-client

VOIP – The Common Sense Answer to Business Telecommunication

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers increased options with less expense for all business models. It provides freedoms and potential applications that traditional telecommunications solutions cannot. To start at the most basic level the actual cost per call is cheaper.

Stay Connected With Best VoIP Phone Services

VoIP phone services are undoubtedly one of the easiest modes of communication. Icing on the cake is the cost effective nature of such services, thanks to which, users can easily keep in touch with family and friends, irrespective of distance.

VoIP Services – Solution to Costly International Calls

Man has always been in search to find cheap and easy communication ways. Telephone and mobiles can connect people within seconds. But still, people wanted to escape from costly calling charges. VoIP services made international calling cheaper.

Get the Most Out of Your ShoreTel Communications System

There are many incredible services available to help small businesses with ShoreTel training for their ShoreTel communications system. With all of the great opportunities for businesses to have one-on-one support as well as comprehensive online tutorials, it is easier than it has ever been to truly get the most from your ShoreTel VoIP system. Some of the offerings available for this type of hands on ShoreTel training include online courses that can give small businesses the knowledge they need to install, configure, trouble-shoot and thoroughly learn the administrative process.

Configure ShoreTel For Redundancy, Resiliency Or Business Continuity

Of late we have seen a growing interest in building “disaster recovery” solutions for both the data and the voice applications so critical for business operation. First, we need to make sure we understand the difference between redundancy, resiliency and other configuration options to assure business continuity.

The Future of Voiceovers

From automated tour guides to on hold telephone messages, voiceovers play a prominent role in our lives. Voiceovers deliver the advertising messages you hear on TV and radio and narrate e-learning programs, corporate videos, and audio books.

Troubleshooting Linksys VoIP Router Problems

A Linksys VoIP router provides you with the ability to communicate through the phone, over the Internet. However, problems can occur. Learn how to troubleshoot common problems with your router and VoIP connection.

Free VoIP Calls and Free International Calls

2010 is the year of VoIP (Voice Over IP) and at CTIA in Las Vegas this year the word VoIP was revived to a whole new level. Sprint, HTC, Skype, ATT and Apple all announced support of VoiP on their devices and networks. Allowing VoIP means the caller is able to choose how they want to make a call and in some cases can even lead to the call being free, not utilizing any of the mobile users minutes.

Everybody is Moving Over to VoIP

Virtual office means your office travels with you. Voice over IP gives you convenient options you have never had with regular telephone service. In the old days, you would have to drive to your office and program your phone in order to forward anywhere.

Connect With Your Loved Ones Through Asia Calling Plans

Need for global communication is growing with changing period of time and trend. With the effect of globalization, worldwide communication is getting wide popularity.

Magic Jack

Magic Jack allows you to make long distance calls for virtually free! You could call any number in USA, Canada and some parts of Europe for just $20 an year.

Cell Phone Version of the Magic Jack

The Magic Jack is basically a small box that needs to be plugged into the USB port of your computer to be able to make free calls to USA and Canada. The device uses VoIP technology and offers a host of benefits that others in the category don’t. The company now plans to launch another service that [if it works as good as the Magic Jack] is bound to attract some frowns from the conventional cell phone service providers.

Magic Jack – An Overview

Magic Jack stands for innovation and effectiveness. The device help you make international phone calls for free.

Unknown Facts About Magic Jack

Magic Jack is smoother, faster and cheaper compared to other VoIP phones. The company has a couple of patents pending on other similar products that promise to give the conventional telecom companies a run for their money.

Hosted IP PBX – Unrivaled Benefits at a Fraction of the Cost

The hosted IP PBX phone system minimizes your business and communication expenses. The hosted IP PBX phone system helps your business to bring a professional business image.

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