MikroTik Load Balancing with Failover using Policy Based Routing

Load balancing and link redundancy over multiple WAN gateways can easily be configured in MikroTik Router just creating Policy Based Routing. In this video, I will show how to configure MikroTik dual WAN load balancing with failover using Policy Based Routing.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-load-balancing-and-link-redundancy-with-pbr

For GNS3 installation: https://systemzone.net/gns3-installation-and-configuration-step-by-step-in-windows

To add MikroTik on GNS3: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-router-integration-and-configuration-on-gns3

VOIP Phone Providers Untangled – The Differences

There are more voip phone providers on the Internet today than ever before and they’re all offering you what they call the best features. It’s all quite a tangle in the end and there are features you need and others you can do without. Here’s a rundown of the ones that will make long distance calling a pleasure that’s affordable and the differences you can expect to find between providers.

VoIP Call Termination With Pulse

Not many business owners recognize the money they could be saving with VoIP. Read this article to learn more about VoIP termination services.

Making Calls From Your Computer – Why the VOIP Industry Is Blossoming

Explains the reasons for the rise of VoIP services. How to use the Internet for making voice calls in order to save money and get more features.

VoIP System Setup

Setting up a VoIP system is really easy. This article will get you on your way to having your first VoIP system all set up.

Beginners Guide to VoIP

With more and more people communicating in different places around the world, people are turning to VoIP to take advantage of cheap calls to landlines and low-cost mobile calling. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables users to make cheap calls to landlines or mobile phones through the Internet. If you are already paying for a monthly Internet connection, you can make free or cheap VoIP calls by using VoIP software such as Skype and MO-call from your personal computer, Macs or Linux computers.

Role of VoIP Phone Service in Business

The internet has been playing a very vital role in the lives of people. It is considered an important part of every office and organization. Whether you work in an office or you are at home, you need access to internet for many reasons. Now, the inventors have come with the internet telephone service for the convenience of people. This internet phone service is known as VoIP phone service, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol service. This technology is widely accepted by the commercial and residential users throughout the globe.

Skype Hype – 5 Differences Between Disruptive Technology & Parasitic Business Model

The news of Skype IPO was not a surprise as sooner or later any company owner with Skype’s business model has to bail out! Whilst Skype presents itself as disruptive technology, I would argue that their business model is more of a parasitic approach to price arbitrage in the market. Once price arbitrage disappears, they are dead in the water as they have no USP other than price. Invest at your peril!

Mobile Broadband – The Backbone for Mobile VoIP

Explains how mobile broadband is one of the building blocks for VoIP technologies. Also talks about how recent improvements in the industry enable VoIP to keep growing.

VoIP Security Issues – How Safe Is Your Line?

Soon after considering the network vulnerabilities mentioned above, attention should be given to potential danger of spam over internet telephony or spit. There is a palpable fear that VoIP would suffer the same fate of the email spam.

Business Phone Lines – Things to Keep in Mind While Installing a New Phone Line for Business

Whether yours is a small business or a big one a carefully selected phone line can do wonders for your business. It can not only help you control your phone expenses but also meet your business communication needs without compromising on the quality.

Why Choose Business VoIP Telephone Systems?

The latest telephone systems technology for businesses is the business Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. Not many years ago, the only options for businesses was to use their phone service and then you had some features you could choose such as voicemail. Then the VoIP came on the scene for home users, it was cheap, easy to install and you connected it to your existing broadband Internet connection.

VOIP ATA Features

ATA stands for Analog Telephone Adapter. Basically it is a device that serves as an interface between the PSTN traditional analog telephone and the digital data or VoIP services. It merges the conventional phone system with VoIP technology.

Mobile VoIP – Should Mobile Network Operators Be Worried?

With the surge in smart phone sales and the popularity of mobile applications or “apps” as they are commonly referred to, it was only a matter of time before mobile apps enabled mobile users to take advantage of low VoIP rates. Mobile VoIP apps essentially allows users to make local or international calls for free or for the fraction of the price of a normal call using any internet or Wi-Fi connection. For frequent travellers who wish to take the low VoIP rates with them, installing mobile VoIP applications is the sensible choice.

How To Search For People On Skype

This article is to assist the non technical new marketer who would like to connect with his leads via Skype and that do not quite know how to search for people and how to make calls making use of Skype. The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with the basic knowledge to be able to navigate the Skype website.

Digital Voice Recorders Provide Convenience and Efficiency in Business and Personal Life

Digital voice recorders arrived on the consumer market in the mid 1990s and since then they have become a part of people’s business and personal life throughout the world. Voice recorders are perhaps one device that everyone should keep close to them, no matter where you are.

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