MikroTik Load Balancing with 2 PPPoE and 1 Static WAN using ECMP

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ECMP provides almost 100% reliable load balancing and link redundancy solution. ECMP is a per connection load balancing where connection is marked with source and destination IP pair. In my previous video I discussed how to configure DUAL WAN load balancing with failover using ECMP method where WAN connections were static IP Addresses. But some ISP companies use PPPoE service for their client connection. So, some network administrators become confused to configure load balancing with PPPoE WAN connection because PPPoE WAN connection is a little bit complex than static WAN connection. Some of my loyal viewers also ask me to make a tutorial on Load Balancing with PPPoE Client. So, in this video I will show how to configure Load Balancing with Failover over two PPPoE WAN connections and one static WAN connection in MikroTik Router.
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How Video Conference Transforms Business Communications

In the age of text conversations, via email and cellular phones, a common concern and complaint is that miscommunication is becoming more prevalent. Without hearing a person’s tone and seeing his body language, it’s all too easy to misinterpret the exact meaning behind his words. Unfortunately, the same goes for telephone conversations.

International Calls By VoIP Technology

We can communicate with other people in many different ways. We can talk and write, and we can send messages with our hands and faces. Television, film, painting and photography can also communicate ideas.

Discover The Technology Of VoIP Billing System

VoIP billing system has brought great levels of advancements to the communication market. More and more number of customers are opting for Internet telephone me in comparison to the regular phones and mobiles.

Learn Some Important VOIP Tips In Improving Voice Quality

Before we talk about VOIP tips in improving voice quality let us see what VOIP actually is. VOIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. It has changed the way people communicate, professionally and socially.

A Guide for Choosing the Best VoIP Bluetooth Headset

In this article the readers are provided the most valuable and resourceful information about the VoIP Wireless Bluetooth Headset. One will find all about this convenient device that offers solutions to conveniently make or receive calls through PC using this amazing gadget.

Use VoIP Technology to Reduce Costs

Voice over internet protocol is a new technology that makes free calls possible using computer to computer signal transmissions. When using this technology, the computer calls another computer instead of your phone calling another phone and transmits your voice. This technology, more commonly known as VoIP, is a great way to reduce telephone costs.

Top Five Reasons for Making the Switch to an IP Phone

For those looking to save money, VoIP is a great way to find easy, painless savings. Find out all about VoIP and what it can do for you.

VoIP Implementations Potentially Beneficial For Healthcare Industry

As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) increasingly becomes a more popular communications solution for all types of business, it’s also being incorporated into many hospital systems. Wireless devices that are equipped to manage medical-related data, such as the Motorola enterprise digital assistant, are replacing beepers, PDAs and other equipment carried by hospital staff. With this upgrade in technology, patients and caregivers alike are considering the possibilities and potential pitfalls of VoIP use in hospitals.

Things to Look Out for in Selection of VoIP Phone Service

Food, water and shelter are the basic things human desire for, but with passage of time, it seems that internet would pass on these necessities of life. The high speed internet service and so the VoIP Phone Service have now occupied the market scenario, and made their presence felt. Especially in communication sector, which is now booming with the speed of light, landline, mobile phones are now personal accessories of almost every person in a household.

Signifying Call Rates

Are you also getting into such worries that as time goes by and as prices go high, call rates might also be affected? Actually it is already a problem nowadays for a reason that everyone is having telephones or mobile phones as part of their necessities. They already have included such need in their daily lives. It is a part of us that we often communicate most especially with our loved ones. We usually are being haunted by the idea that everything goes better if there is total communication among people.

How To Grow Your Business With Hosted Telephony Services?

Hosted telephony services, or more commonly known as hosted Voice Over IP (VOIP) are a relatively new offering as an alternative to the traditional phone lines within a company so that there will be a single cohesive telephone system. A good hosted telephony services provider will be able to answer the need of companies, no matter how large it is, or how long it has been in the business.

Asterisk Revolutionizing Home Phone Service

There are many devices in market which are used for the purpose of making your Home phone Service to work with better results but Asterisk is one of the best products in this category which allows user to utilize its Internet Phone to the best of its ability. This includes big advantages like reducing your calling costs, providing you with an option of selecting a good Home phone Service like Axvoice VoIP provider out of the Lott. And of course giving you calls related facilities of call waiting, forwarding and enhanced sound quality on internet.

Best Conference Call Companies

A conference call is a call made between 3 or more parties that allows each one of them to speak with one another. An audio conference call may be set in such a way that the other parties involved might just listen or it might be set in that the other parties might be involved in the conversation.

Conference Call Bridge Benefits

Teleseminar or teleconference can be defined as a live exchange of audio conversation between several people using sophisticated but simple to use telephones that are more or less connected or linked together remotely with the systems from telecommunication providers. Conference call bridge is a term meaning linking different call generated from one caller enabling them to have the capability of talking to one another from different locations at the same time without having to disconnect. Also known as audio conference, phone conferencing and telephone conferencing are the term mostly used to refer or describe it.

How Mobile VoIP Applications Make Working On the Go Easier

A busy day at the office can keep you everywhere but where you need to be when you’re expecting an important phone call-at your desk, that is. You suppose you’ll be available to take a call at noon, forgetting that you have a scheduled business lunch, and then another meeting that lasts until four o’clock. Then, the printer runs out of ink, the fax machine breaks, and your boss hands you a package that must be shipped immediately.

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