MikroTik Hotspot Login By MAC Cookie Configuration

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MAC Cookie is a newly introduced Hotspot feature in MikroTik Router. MAC Cookie is specially designed to improve accessibility for smartphones, laptop and other mobile devices. MAC Cookie is not a basic login method rather it is an extension of basic Hotspot login method such as HTTP CHAP, HTTP PAP and HTTPS. So, when MAC Cookie is used with these basic Hotspot login methods, it improves the Hotspot user accessibility.
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Magic Jack – New VOIP Technology

More and more people today are turning to VOIP for their phone service. VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol and is usually a lot cheaper than traditional phone lines. While cell phones are becoming more and more prevalent a lot of people still like to have a home phone number. A popular choice that people are choosing today is using Magic Jack.

Finding A Good Telecommunications Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it is often referred to has been around since nineteen eighty two and allows people to communicate per voice over the Internet. It came about so that users would save money when talking to other people via the telephone. It was an ingenious idea as it worked and today many people are saving a lot of money by talking to people via the telephone in this way. When looking for a service like this, it is important to find a reliable telecommunications provider.

What To Look For In A VoIP ADSL Phone

Business today cannot function without communication and this is often done in the form of email and telephonic communication. Businesses, now more than ever have to watch the costs of conducting business and are often mindful of how to keep costs down. Certain businesses are very reliant on the telephone to do business and this is an area that can cost companies or one work at home businesses much money. Today, there is a way to reduce the cost of talking to people quite drastically and this is by using a VoIP ADSL phone.

VoIP Logger – Very Useful in Call Centers

Call recording and logging using VoIP logger has become very important with the massive change in technology and the working habits of people which have become more mobile these days. The recording of the calls take place on recording systems which use software for call management and security. Most of the software applications used in call recording rely on the analog signal by using either call recording adapter or telephony board.

Understand The Basic Concept Of VoIP

VoIP meaning voice over internet protocol is a way of talking to others from the internet. This service turns the audio signals into digital data that gets transferred over the net. It may sounds very confusing, but in reality it is very simple yet interesting.

VoIP: A Fast Paced Technology

Voice over internet protocol is the finest service that has caught the attention of so many people towards it. It is the technology which is on the rise and numbers of big corporations are moving to this powerful service rather than traditional phone calls.

VoIP Reviews: Important For Everyone

Before hiring any of the VoIP service provider, you need to first go through the VoIP reviews. But, before you go to see the reviews briefly understand what is VoIP all about.

Traditional Phone Systems V Business VoIP

When it comes to phone systems in business, VoIP is taking over. There are still many people who are making use of traditional business phone systems, but that is mainly due to the fact that they haven’t been introduced to the future.

Cisco CP-7900 Series IP Phone Comparison

If your organization is looking for more robust performance from your IP phone system with features such as high definition voice, vibrant color displays, gigabit ethernet connectivity and more – you’ll probably be looking towards the CP-7900 series phones from Cisco.  The series starts with the most basic model (CP-7911G) for organizations where the daily business communication need is light such as labs, cafes, reception areas and the like, up to the most powerful to date (CP-7975G).

Factors That Make VoIP Phone Systems Sell Like Hot Cakes

In the current competitive marketplace, small businesses have to be exceptional remaining in their budget if they want to make their place in the game. Apart from other operational charges, businesses also want to save from their telecommunication infrastructure. This along with many other features is the reason that makes the VoIP phone system popular among small to medium sized business companies.

VoIP Service: Fulfilling Your Communication Needs

VoIP service is the latest telephony technology that is used by so many people all over the world. It is the service that has made easier for the people to talk with their near and dear ones within the comfort of their homes.

VLANs, Security Feature or Small Speed Bump?

VoIP vendors have been preaching the utilization of VLANs for VoIP implementations for years. They say it increases security of the VoIP Implementation, as well as increasing performance. However, is a VLAN truly a security feature?

How To Make an International Call Using VoIP

Explains the procedure for making an international call using VoIP. Talks about the different clients and pricing information.

Phone Service: Best Service For All Callers

In the present times, internet has become an essential part of our lives. The latest technology in the internet is the VoIP phone service. In this smart service, people can easily make phone calls with the help of the internet.

What Is Business VOIP?

One of the best ways to implement telephone service for your company is using business VOIP. Essentially what this stands for is voice over Internet protocol. This means that the telephone calls are being routed over the Internet rather than the old telephone copper lines.

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