MikroTik Hotspot HTTPS Redirect Configuration

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MikroTik Hotspot by default (with Login by HTTP CHAP and HTTP PAP) provides HTTP login page. So, when we visit HTTP page before authentication, Hotspot will redirect us to HTTP login page. But today most of the websites use HTTPS. So, when we visit HTTPS websites before authentication, Hotspot cannot redirect to HTTP login page. Configuring HTTPS Redirect in MikroTik Hotspot, we can solve this HTTPS redirect issue.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-hotspot-https-redirect-and-https-login-setup/

The Growth of Voice Mail Features With VoIP

Most of the customers are now sending and receiving emails in the PC or laptop. It’s either for business and personal purposes, as well as your important transactions.

How to Pick the Best Internet Phone Service

Voice over IP providers are offering services to many businesses and individuals. The VoIP functions are performed, and run by many service providers. An application server controls systems of phones through the internet, by digitizing the signals of voice and sending it by a high speed internet connection.

Sony Conferencing – Video Conferencing Solutions Now a Less Stressful Affair

Sony has always been at the forefront of electronic progression and design. They have come up with excellent and innovative electronic products that have been built for both businesses and consumers. Targeting business users, Sony has come up with new and unique products in video conferencing that has wowed the world and has helped improve marketing strategies.

Discover The Advantages Of VOIP Headsets

Ever wondered what the benefits of using a VOIP headset are? Well I will tell you and you will be amazed!

The Important Requirements of Using A VoIP Phone For Customers

When it comes to requirements, it needs something to be done. Requirements were claimed to be the most important thing ever for a customer like you. Since we’re talking about the VoIP requirements, what about it? It’s pretty simple, you know?

The Power of Voice Over Internet Protocol To Customers

One of the most important things that we need to do on a daily basis is what we call communication. It is an important thing that families and friends can talk or communicate with each other, even on a daily basis. Traditional phones like the landlines and mobile phones have created an impact in the world of communication.

The Importance of VoIP Deals To Business Enterprises

The relationship between VoIP and business firms have been in a steady situation. In other words, there is nothing to worry about dealing with the services that can give you good and cheap quality calls with the power of high-speed internet connection.

The Possible Use of VoIP With Mobile Phones

A lot of people have been using mobile or cellular phones over and over. It was estimated that more than 90% of the population are already using mobile phones to communicate with each other, and it’s quite better than telephones.

Is It Possible To Deal Your Voice Mail Services In Your Area?

When it comes to dealing with VoIP business providers, it always relies on the next generation of cold calling with your clients or recipients for good. In other words, they are considered as the world’s latest revolutionary phone ever.

The Real Benefits of Voice Mail Features With VoIP

Most of the businesses today were having success on their own. You know why? It takes time, passion and dedication on what they have treated their customers for good. The same thing goes to VoIP service providers.

A Quick Look At VoIP ADSL Phone

Many people here about VoIP ADSL phone systems but are not sure what they are or what the difference is between these systems and a land-line phone. There are many VoIP providers and knowing a little about the systems and what you can expect when you use them will help you to decide on the provider that will be able to meet your needs most effectively.

Things You Need To Start The VoIP Phone Service

In some ways, there are things you need to know about anything in between. In other words, we need to figure out the things to function properly and steadily. But what exactly is that thing I’m talking about? Are you confused enough?

SIP Trunking Vs Hosted PBX

How SIP trunking works and what its advantage are. Also explains the difference between SIP trunking and hosted VoIP services.

Hey Dummy Are You Saving on Your Telephone Bill?

Voice over Internet Protocol is not an entirely new concept with Skype being the most well known VOIP application on the Internet available. This has been adapted for the the South African market in another product using the same technology by a company called Vox Telecom.

Investing In the Services Of An Expedient SIP Termination Provider

VoIP has opened new possibilities for businesses with cheaper distant calls made possible. However, choosing the right wholesale SIP termination provider is essential for the business to receive flawless service for successful business operations. Here’s how to look for the right service provider.

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