MikroTik Hotspot HTTPS Redirect Configuration with Free SSL Certificate

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SSL Certificate is required to enable HTTPS Login and HTTPS Redirect in MikroTik Hotspot. MikroTik Hotspot HTTPS redirect and HTTPS login can be configured with MikroTik self-signed certificate. But self-signed certificate is not trusted by operating system. So, we get the following two issues if we configure HTTPS Login and HTTPS Redirect with self-signed certificate.

Ask to proceed unsafe site:
As browsers cannot trust self-signed certificate, it shows a warning message and asks to proceed unsafe site every time the login page redirected with HTTPS redirect. Users may face disgusting seeing this warning message again and again.

Error or Warning icon in URL bar:
Although we proceed the login page warning, browser also shows a red or yellow icon in URL bar. It also makes us confused whether the connection is secured or not.

Although self-signed certificate always establish secure connection by encrypting data, the above two issues make us confused and disgusting sometimes. To solve the above two issues we need to use public CA certificate that will be trusted by operating system and browsers.

Public CA requires yearly subscription fee to get their service. Although this payment is not so high for enterprise organizations but small business companies sometimes face trouble to pay yearly subscription fee. Don’t be worried if subscription fee goes out of budget. Some public CA organizations provide free SSL certificate to make internet completely secure. ZeroSSL is one of them who provides fast, reliable and free SSL/TL certificate for anyone. In this video I will show how to configure MikroTik Hotspot HTTPS Login and HTTPS Redirect with trusted ZeroSSL certificate to overcome the above two issues.
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Telepresence Video Phone

The concept of telepresence represents a paradigm shift. With the advent of the video phone our awareness of it is growing. More and more people are starting to think in terms of seeing the person they are talking to on the phone. This is having an impact on our relationships.

Video Phone Pros and Cons

Video phone technology is new. Price, quality of video, audio and reception can vary widely. The highest price does not mean the best quality in this new industry. There are pros and cons to be considered before you buy. Not all video phones are everything they’re cracked up to be.

Video Phone Features To Look For

The video phone features you should be looking for are available on only one model. This technology is so new. It’s in a formative stage. Not all models are equal. The price you pay does not necessarily dictate value and quality. Making the right choice will give you total satisfaction in your video communications with family and friends.

Cheapest VoIP Services – Efficient Business and Personal Communications Online

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol takes full advantage of the internet to offer a potent communication tool for web users. Whether used for business or personal communication, this is the preferred method of online communication nowadays. These benefits are multiplied if one can find the cheapest VoIP services wherein affordable calls can be made anytime and to anywhere in the world.

Video Calling For Less

Video calling for less? How can that be? I thought video communication was only happening commercially! Times are changing fast. New technology is coming at us like a tsunami. Not only is video calling a reality, it’s cheaper than regular phone calling.

Video Conference Phone

A video conference phone is becoming more common in commercial applications. This is not so true in people’s homes. This is changing. With the explosion in video telephony technology, this will become commonplace in every home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VOIP

Explains some of the major advantages of VoIP. Also looks at a few drawback which still prevent mass adoption.

How to Use VoIP Services for Cheap Calls

There are a few ways a caller can use VoIP technology to make cheap calls. Online VoIP and international calling services are two of a range of methods outlined in this article.

Benefits of Making International Calls

At the present time, there are more and more people going out of the country to seek for more opportunities and take advantage of it to help their families back home. However, no matter how determined and eager they are in doing everything they can to reach their dreams, there would always come a time that they wish to be home. If you are one of these people, make international call and you can surely appease yourself.

Prepaid Calling Service: How to Make an International Call

If you happen to be the kind of person who believes in keeping communication lines open between you and your loved ones, most especially when you are out and about or traveling, then getting a prepaid calling service is the right thing to do. This is especially important when you are traveling abroad and want to make an international call to the special people in your life. It is only natural to want to talk to your loved in the midst of your travel.

Using a Prepaid Calling Service to Make International Calls

In these modern times, convenience and ease of use are the name of the game. This same principle applies in making cheap international long distance calls. The lesser the fuss, the better.

Making International Calls With a Prepaid Calling Service

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But why endure distance and space when a single phone call can make you and your loved ones together again? With a prepaid calling service, staying in touch with the people you hold near and dear is no longer impossible.

Making An International Telephone Call

This article discusses options for making international phone calls. There are different ways to make a call abroad; via VOIP on your computer, via cell phone. Also, you need certain codes for the country of origin and the destination country.

On Choosing A VOIP System Design

Choosing a VoIP phone system for your business is a very important decision since communication is the face of your business. Different people choose different VoIP system designs for different reasons. A right and flexible decision in this regard is one that defines all your key business requirements.

Why Should You Invest Your BPO In the Philippines

This article shows the recent rise of the BPO industry in the Philippines. Moreover, it points out why BPO industry and business owners should invest in the Philippines.

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