MikroTik Hotspot Configuration with Data Limit and Prepaid Billing System

MikroTik Hotspot Server with User Manager Radius Server gives facility to manage network users with data limitation package as well as prepaid billing system with scratch card. This video will show how to configure a MikroTik billing Hotspot network with User Manager Radius Server so easily and efficiently.
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VoIP Technology – An Easy Access of PC to Phone Calls

The changing pace of time demands more cheap modes of communication that can easily connect people worldwide at inexpensive rates. With the colossal growth of science and technology, VoIP technology has came in light that throw light on cheap international calling using Internet.

How to Make Free Calls to Your Loved Ones

As the services are very famous and every one is now using these services the competition also gets tough. Each of the VoIP providers tries to offer more and more services and facilities to their users.

Free Calls Bring a New Sensation in the World of Telephones

One of the interesting features of the VoIP is that you can send files during the communication, you can share images, videos, files, there will be no interruption in doing do. So along with the voice signals you can share content also. This makes VoIP even more sought after technology.

The Phone World is Changing and You Can Benefit From It

There’s a whole new world brewing in the phone service business now. There once was a time when, if you wanted phone service, you called your local monopoly phone provider, paid what they said, and that’s how you got your phone service.

VoIP Enabled Advanced Virtual PBX Phone System

It is a fact that more and more business enterprise, regardless of their size and scale of operations, are switching over from the traditional telephone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Most of these organizations are upgrading their present conventional telephone system to a virtual PBX system which is also known as VoIP PBX and Hosted PBX. Before investing into a vOIP enabled PBX phone system, it will be worthwhile to study its salient features.

Is an Internet Phone Right For You?

VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol. With this technology you can communicate over the internet with your friends and family any where in the world. You can communicate all over the globe with the help of internet from your PC.

How Can You Save Money Using a VoIP Phone Service

The only constraint is that you must have a high speed internet connection. If you do not have a high speed internet connection then you might face distortion and interruption in your calls. VoIP calls are all about high speed internet connections.

Best VoIP Provider For Best Services

VoIP is a growing trend which is creating a stir now-a-days. The reason of growing popularity of VoIP is that traditional phone service can’t offer what VoIP offers.

Leading Voip Software of 2010

Skype is a most popular Voip Software of present time. Most of the voip users has great affinity with Skype. There is a lot of qualities behind its Success, and user affection toward its. it is quite handling and easy to use.

Why Every CEO Should Consider Unified Communications As Part of Their IT Strategy

Everyone gets inundated with e-mails, phone calls, and voice mails so it’s not a surprise that getting hold of someone, or getting an answer to an e-mail query, can take longer than necessary. Using Unified Communications (UC) technologies such as IM and presence allows you to get hold of the right person at the right time.

How to Ensure You Get the Best Quality VOIP Device

Not only has VOIP established itself as a viable and reliable communications alternative but it continues to grow and evolve. This continual evolution has brought forth many new devices which enhance quality of life and convenience.

Ultimate Communication With Internet Calls

With the development of modern technology, many new systems and gadgets have come into our ways to make things simpler and better in terms of efficiency. Communication being a pivotal part of our lives has also seen some remarkable changes over a short period of time. VoIP or Internet calls is the best gift from the advanced technique.

Finding the Best Value Long Distance Phone Deals Can Be Simple to Do

Facing problem in choosing a good phone plan with acceptable service? Here are some recommendations for you in researching some of the best Australian long distance phone deals available today.

Why is VoIP So Popular?

VoIP or voice over internet protocol, has taken a telecommunication industry like a storm. It caught completely unguarded telephone companies and mobile operators and took them many users. It is basically a new model of telecommunication over internet. So, what are those great advantages of VoIP?

Free VOIP Calls With Evaphone

I think You all are aware of Evaphone. Evaphone is one of the most significant VOIP Service Providers. Evaphone provide Free VOIP Calls to all over the world.

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