MikroTik Hotspot Configuration Using Winbox

This video will show how to configure Hotspot in MikroTik router.
Hotspot is one of the most popular services in MikroTik router. MikroTik Hotspot Gateway is a policy to authorize network clients before to access local network resources as well as public network resources through MikroTik router. MikroTik Hotspot is also known as MikroTik captive portal because no user can access to your network without authentication. In a Hotspot network, the user can login or authenticate using almost any web browser, so there is no need to install any additional software to client end. As Hotspot login prompt is a webpage, Hotspot service can effectively be used as an advertising medium of your company as well as your partner company. So, MikroTik Hotspot service can popularly be used in a place where people stayed for a few time such as Hotel and Restaurant, Railway Station or Airport, School or University Campus and so on. Even any ISP network or any official network may also be run with MikroTik Hotspot for authenticating network clients/users. MikroTik Hotspot has a lot of features which helps to customize your network as your demand.
For more detail: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-hotspot-configuration-using-winbox

How to Connect VoIP Phone Service to a Home Phone System

VoIP phone service is becoming more and more popular today due to the convenience and the affordability it provides to its users. If you decide to connect one, check out this guide on how to connect VoIP phone service.

Evolution of Telephone – The Journey From the First Telephone to VoIP Phone

In the early days, telephone was only seen as a luxury of life rather than a commodity. It only gained more popularity as an essential medium of communication at the time when many corporate and government offices began to use it.

Use VoIP and Make Free Calls Anywhere

Communication is a basic requirement of life and calling came out as the best way to communicate with our loved ones. But high calling rates takes away the craze of calling, as if you call for a long duration than it would cost you a big amount. To overcome this situation, Internet calls using the application of VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocols) came into existence. VoIP is an online application to make national and international calls at unimaginable low rates.

Free Internet Phone Calls – Things to Consider Before You Purchase Magic Jack

Magic Jack fulfills the demand of millions of people who spend thousands of dollars every year for making local and long distance calls. Unlike earlier versions VoIP services, this devices enables you to call mobile as well as landline numbers from anywhere in the world. No software installations are required.

Why Choose VoIP For Business?

VoIP (or Voice over IP) was designed to use an Internet connection instead of the standard public switched telephone network to send voice data. Traditionally, businesses have had to invest in to separate networks if they wanted to transport both voice and data traffic. VoIP seamlessly joins the two over a single integrated platform, enabling voice and data services and technology to be delivered to users from a single network. Sound enticing? Here are just a few of the benefits businesses can enjoy by using VoIP.

Voice Over Internet Protocol – Are You Ready?

If you’re looking for new phone service for your home or business, you may want to think about voice over internet protocol. This way, you can learn how to use the internet in order to make and receive phone calls. Here is some information about the system, as well as tips for how you can make it work for your business.

Why Choose a Hosted VoIP PBX For Your Business Voip Solution?

With tons of different phone solutions available, why choose a hosted VoIP PBX for your business? Here are 10 main reasons why you should consider hosted VoIP.

Cheap International Calls Now Possible With VoIP Technology

With advent in technology and the progress in the world of telecommunication, making long distance calls has become relatively cheap. Now users can avail VoIP facility- Voice over Internet Protocol and make communication cost-effective.

VoIP – Helping Families and Friends Stay Connected

In this global economy, an increasing number of individuals are finding themselves living abroad to achieve their career goals or to support their families. For these expatriates, staying connected to family and friends can be challenging.

Calling Abroad Needn’t Cost the Earth

Having the opportunity to call family and friends across the globe is often an invaluable experience that can unfortunately run up rather expensive phone bills within seconds. This needn’t be the case however, as new technologies and techniques allow for costly international calls to become a thing of the past. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls in particular are a great way to call loved ones in far flung locations via an internet connection.

Enjoy Benefits of Cheap VOIP Calls

People has devised many ways to solve their communications needs but has always been in search of free communication mediums. This was also requirement of present time because people are migrating to different countries for various purposes. Advent of VoIP met the necessity of cheap communication medium and also offered free calling services.

Let’s Explore Something New Through Cheap Call Rates to UK

UK is an island country located in the northwestern coast of continental Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy and has four countries comprising England, North Island, Scotland and Wales.

How Do You Call?

Are you still answering a phone with a cord at home or is your cellular your primary means of communications? We live in the age of the virtual phone. You can live anywhere in the country and have any area code for your phone number with just a few clicks of the mouse. In our office we have a mix of everything, my house almost as much.

Why Choosing VoIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses is Best

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a simple term for the transmission technologies to deliver voice communications over IP networks like the Internet or other packet-switched networks. It is a technique to take analog audio signals like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone and to turn them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

Embark Into Cyber Space For Free International Calls

Talking over on phones is the best way to stay connected with your dear ones, but incidentally, high call rates wouldn’t allow to do so. Increase in bills after every minutes leads to cut short the conversation with our long forgotten ones. This problem is very well blown away by the emergence of VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol). This feature enables callers to make free international calls through Internet. It is very cost-effective feature and provide users to make cheap VoIP calls across the globe.

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