MikroTik Hotspot Automatic Login by MAC Address Configuration

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Hotspot is an awesome service in MikroTik Router. MikroTik Hotspot is popularly used in ISP, Hotel, Airport, Coffee Shop, Enterprise office and many other organizations. By default MikroTik Hotspot uses HTTP CHAP login method where user must provide username and password to get internet service. Sometimes we may face that some users are not eager to provide username and password to get internet service or we cannot ask some users to put username and password to get internet due to his respect. In this case sometimes we need to allow some users to get internet without Hotspot login page. To overcome this situation MikroTik introduces automatic Hotspot login using MAC address.
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Business VoIP System And Your Business

The VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology is one of the fastest growing communication technologies of the day. It not only facilitates smooth communication but also costs very low in comparison to the traditional telephony system.

Low-Cost Worldwide Calls Using VoIP

Telecoms is a massive industry. But when talked about, the first thing that will come to mind is the traditional landline phone system. However VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) provides an alternative method of making calls in a quick, effective and – in this day age, most importantly cost effective way.

How to Get Cheaper Calls in 2011 Using VoIP

Service providers of VoIP technology (Voice over internet protocol) can expect to gain an increase in the numbers signing up for the service in 2011 as people strive for a cost effective way to make calls. The technology provides a much cheaper alternative than that offered up by a traditional landline service.

Make Unlimited Long Distance Calls With VoIP Telephone Service

A company can enhance their business potential only when they keep a contact with other global businesses. While long distance calls result in huge phone call bills, a business need to assess their expenses to ensure that their business operations are resulting in good business returns.

Business Phone Service of VoIP Is Cost-Effective System of Communication

When it comes to reduce production cost without affecting the productivity of the company, the business organizations look for each and every viable option on every front. The communication system also comes under the purview of the assessment.

Business VoIP Phone Service As a Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is also synonymous with voice over broadband, internet telephony or broadband telephony. This technology is an advanced version of telephony communication that uses internet to transmit voice signal.

Basic Facts About VoIP Service

VoIP service has created a special place in the telecommunication industry all over the world. Due to the less calling rate facility, the service is gaining huge popularity from the people.

How Exactly Does a VoIP Phone Work?

Explains how a VoIP phone works. Takes a look at the differences between regular phones and VoIP phones and what the alternatives are to using a VoIP phone.

What Is VoIP and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

How much do you spend in telephony charges every year? For many businesses, their telephone network can be a serious drain on the profitability of the company. Yet without that essential network, you cannot talk to customers, place orders, seal deals or stay in touch with your business contacts. An effective communications network is the lifeblood of business. And right now, it’s costing you money.

Using VoIP For Business

Businesses all around the world are finding that VoIP phone products are an excellent way to cut costs and boost functionality without making any sacrifices in terms of call quality or reliability. VoIP solutions are available for all size businesses, from single lines for the smallest small business to systems that can be scaled up to handle the phone needs for virtually any size company. Small businesses can get features once only available for larger companies and larger companies now have VoIP phone systems without the costs that were once associated with these systems.

Business VoIP System To Make a Good Business Image

Believe it or not, communication has ability to make good reputation of your business company, but at the same time if you do not apply it appropriately then it can make a bad image as well. The Business VoIP system is a good example how you can use a communication technology to increase the return on investment. You can choose a good VoIP package according to your business strength.

Be Equipped With Business VoIP System for High Quality Communication

The role of communication is something that has been very crucial for the growth and development of business companies. This is why they look for the easy and cost-competitive communication system that can help to interact with the clients sitting far away.

Being Wary of VoIP Security Issues

Explains why VoIP has special security needs. Also talks about the various ways a VoIP installation can be attacked and a few simple measures to counteract it.

VoIP Logger – Very Useful for BPOs

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This is a system which is used for distance calling over internet protocol.

VoIP Phone Service for Small Businesses

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service, simply stated is an effective form of business communications with a host of features available at economical rates. VoIP is particularly beneficial for small businesses for enlarging their customer base, developing better customer relations, increasing their sales turnover and improving their overall productivity. In these difficult times of economic recession to stay and survive is a formidable challenge for many small businesses.

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