MikroTik Dual WAN PCC Load Balancing with PPPoE Server

MikroTik PCC provides 100% reliable Load Balancing network over multiple WANs. MikroTik PPPoE Server with PCC ensures a stable and easily maintainable network. This video will show how to configure Dual WAN PCC Load Balancing network with PPPoE Server in MikroTik Router.
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Knowing VoIP

A new revolutionary way of making long-distance phone calls have emerged and has started to be the biggest thing on the internet today. This is the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, a process of taking analog audio signals, which are similar to the signals of cell phones, and transforming these signals into digital data that are transmittable via the internet.

Voice Over Internet Protocol – Voice Through Post Cards

Many contend that the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is one of the greatest innovations to human communication. For such a strong claim, one can be lead to ask, why is this so? How is the VoIP different from the invention of the telephone, which also broke the impossibility of slow inefficient communication over a great distance? Well, to understand this, one must understand how VoIP works.

The Importance of VoIP

Many critiques have been harping on the emergence and popular use of VoIP otherwise known as the Voice over Internet protocol over the regular phone lines. Most of the questions stem from the lack of information there is readily advertised or marketed regarding the service of VoIP and how it may be used.

Do Cheap VoIP Services Equate to Greater Savings?

If compared to the regular telephone services, using VoIP services has proven to be cheaper and has resulted to money savings for its users. The very low costs of placing calls in VoIP have been convincing people to make the switch from regular telephone services to VoIP services. So how could one save money with the use of VoIP services?

Skype For Business – Is it For You?

Considered switching to a business VoIP phone system? Here are the pros and cons of choosing Skype.

Recommendations on VoIP Security

When using the internet, ensuring our security is essential. Even in using VoIP, security is a major concern. A couple of measures that you could practice to heighten your security when using VoIP are listed below.

Hosted IP PBX and VoIP Solutions Relieve Your Business of Phone System Troubles

Hosted VoIP solutions for business are PBX systems run completely over the Internet. These scalable telephony services often require no maintenance or management from the customer and include just as many perks as expensive corporate telephone systems.

Advantages of Conferencing Solutions

The mind boggling benefits of varied conferencing solutions today will tempt you to purchase one. Web voice conferencing is one of the most popular conferencing services today.

9 Ways Your Company Can Save Money With Telecommuting

Whether you are an employer looking to save money and become more environmentally responsible or an employee who would rather skip the commute and work out of their house, there are many reasons to turn employees into telecommuters. Here are 9 ways your company can save money with telecommuting.

Why Small VoIP Business Phone Systems Are in Demand?

It has now become easy to make more effective customer communication using small VoIP Business Phone Systems integrated with VoIP technology. Today, small VoIP Business Phone Systems are making a beneficial contribution towards improving communication and help to grow your company image and impress your customers and clients.

Video Phones, Are They Worth the Time and Money?

As you may have already heard of the term “Video Phone”, you may not know of some of the value it can offer you. Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, even in technology. We are here to tell you the in’s and outs of this advancement in telecommunications. Are you prepared for this information? It will definitely change the way you communicate with others. VOIP technology has the capability to enhance the way you live your life now.

How to Choose Your VoIP Provider

Determining what VoIP provider to use depends wholly on your plans of how to use VoIP. There are two basic choices from which you could choose you Voice over IP provider – VoIPs that offer free services or the ones that have monthly fees.

VoIP – How it Works

Voice over Internet Protocol, widely known as VOIP works just like the ordinary phone only more economically. We are aware of most Internet conferences these days, as it has grown widely popular.

SMS and MMS Integration With VoIP Communications

Today’s IP networks allow for the entire spectrum of communications technologies to be integrated and combined into unified systems that both businesses and consumers can take advantage of. SMS and MMS are just one of these mediums.

How Does Voice Over Internet Protocol Work?

Everyday, technology advances. Everyday, more and more gaps are being closed around the globe. Technological development that started in the Industrial Revolution, is now advancing to help achieve globalization. This progress is particularly evident in our communication. From Morse code, to snail mail, to telephones, communication has evolved with technology.

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