MikroTik DUAL WAN Load Balancing with Failover using ECMP

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MikroTik Router is capable of doing Load Balancing with Failover over multiple gateways. Policy Based Routing, ECMP, PCC and NTH Load Balancing are the popular load balancing methods in MikroTik Router. Among these methods, ECMP is so easy to configure and provides almost 100% load balancing and link redundancy solution. In my previous article, I discussed how to configure Load Balancing and Link Redundancy using ECMP over two equal bandwidth gateways. ECMP method is also capable of doing load balancing over unequal bandwidth gateway. In this video, I will show how to configure load balancing with failover over two unequal bandwidth gateways using ECMP method.
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Advantages of VoIP Over Traditional Telephony for Multiple Lines

Regardless of the popularity of mobile phones, traditional desk telephones continue to be an important and necessary part of business and interoffice communications. Extensions, multiple lines, and service features such as call forwarding are often essential to customer service and office management. Yet, traditional phone service providers have yet to match the ease and affordability of business VoIP solutions.

Advantages Of VoIP Service

The best part about communication and its various mediums is, it is an ongoing process. It is as old as the existence of human beings on this planet. Earlier when man had not grasped the concept of language of grammar and skill, he still managed to communicated with the use of symbols and symiotics.

SIP Trunk Protocol

The SIP truck protocol is a way for companies to capitalize on their existing PBX systems. They can use trunking to integrate VoIP into their business in a phased manner without making dramatic changes all at once.

VOIP Billing For Your Needs

Nowadays, VOIP is the commonly used system when it comes to communication services in a company. VOIP billing systems are also installed to make things easier. However, a lot of systems are available and it is not easy to choose which one would suit a company.

Review of Lightyear Wireless

Back in 1993, J. Sherman Henderson was said to have thought up the idea for his company Lightyear Network Solutions at a Dennys restaurant in Louisville Kentucky. Several years on, he came up with the idea of promoting the business further through the means of a multi level marketing company which would have agents spreading the word and driving sales forward.

VOIP – A Way of the Modern Day Communication System

A way of the modern day communication system, is a way of transferring our voice calls through some internet protocols used for general data networking through the internet. Actually, this IP telephony based technology leads us to adapt data networking into voice networking instead of using general phone services and their technologies.

Enterprises Can Largely Benefit From a VoIP PBX Telephony System!

VoIP EXTenders, adapters and PBX gateways are the new age telephony features that have proven benefits and sophisticated features. Business telecommunication systems have improved greatly and experienced a rise in smooth, effective and efficient calling with decreased calling costs.

Advantages of a VOIP Phone System for a Small Business

Small businesses today have a huge advantage over those from even 10 years ago when in comes to infrastructure costs. Up until recently if a small business wanted an internal phone system the had to purchase a costly PBX system and then pay even more to have qualified specialists install it.

Important Considerations When Buying an Office Phone System

There are several important considerations you will need to examine when deciding to purchase an office phone system. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable telephone vendor. Keep in mind that being reputable doesn’t mean having the biggest name in the industry.

Are You In Search Of A Good Office Phone System?

Do you want a better office phone system? I think you know well that a cost effective office phone system may give a real solution to your business communication problems. For the development of every business an effective phone system is now needed.

How to Troubleshoot VoIP With a Laptop

Learn how to fix problems with VoIP on your laptop. Understand the various ways to make a VoIP call and how much bandwidth is necessary.

Discover The Advantages Of VOIP Billing Software

VOIP is the other name for voice over Internet protocol and is widely used for telephoning over the Internet. The last few years have seen the soaring popularity of this software with its successful replacement of traditional landlines and phones.

Has the Recession Affected Business VoIP Providers?

The economic downturn has forced many small and large businesses to reduce their overall operation costs. From employee layoffs to decreasing numbers of available products, companies are doing all they can to keep their bottom line in the black. While implementing these cost reduction strategies, another expense that comes under review is that of communications, for which VoIP may have an advantage.

Best VoIP Providers – Free Trial – The Best Broadband Phone Service

Best VoIP Providers extends 30 day free trial offer. If you want to know, what is the best VoIP phone service that you can get then you have came to the right place. In this article, you will find out lots of information about residential VoIP providers and the cheapest VoIP service with the highest quality.

The Use Of BSS/OSS To Manage A Complex Business

It is imperative for business to stay in touch with their customer base and with the developments in the industry in which they compete. The methodology used to do this is referred to as BSS/OSS, a two pronged approach to the business of telecommunications.

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