MikroTik Configuration with PPPoE WAN Connection

MikroTik PPPoE Client is used to connect any PPPoE Server. If ISP provides PPPoE connection, MikroTik is able to connect that PPPoE Server using PPPoE Client.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-configuration-with-pppoe-wan-connection

Defining IPPBX – Does Your Business Need It?

You can lower the phone system expenditures for your business with an IPPBX system. Using data digital technology is more efficient and cheaper.

Choose Turnkey VoIP Platforms For a Quick Business Set-Up

Making the right choice among the many VoIP platforms can make or break your business set-up. Choose a turnkey model for smoother transitioning.

Understanding and Dealing With Security Threats to Your VoIP Network

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technologies continue to produce more and more cost-effective telecommunications solutions for small and medium business to large enterprises or conglomerates. Previous estimates by US technology research firms placed the number of IP phones sold in 2006 at 9.9 million to a staggering 45.8 million in 2010.

How to Stop the Waste When Operating a Business in Multiple Locations

Some businesses have employees that work out of their homes. Others have satellite locations across town or in another city or state.

VoIP Resellers – in the Business of Better Communication

VoIP resellers are in the business of selling better ways of communication. Learn about the opportunities available to you.

Using Caller ID With VoIP Services

Back in the old days, it has always been a hassle to find yourself rushing towards a blaring telephone that has been ringing for quite some time, only to find a cheeky telemarketer at the other end trying to convince you to pay top dollar for something you really don’t need. The wonders of digital technology changed all that with the introduction of the Caller ID, either as a separate unit with its own display or incorporated into your phone’s system. With the Caller ID, you’ll now know who’s calling — giving you the option to answer the phone or…

How to Survive Your Hosted PBX-Hosted VoIP Provider Going Out of Business

With hundreds of Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP providers in the industry, several are going out of business each week. Some will give their customers anywhere from a few weeks to more than a month of notice. Others will shut down without any warning. Your business may get through the transition with little to no effects with immediate action. Otherwise, catastrophic problems may result.

VoIP Providers

VoIP (voice over IP) technology is a rapidly expanding field. More and more VoIP components are being developed, while existing VoIP technology is being deployed at a rapid-and still increasing-pace.

Free Internet Calling

Using PC to PC, is another of the system and the easiest to free calls or free internet calling over the Internet because they just need Internet connection, a microphone, speakers and a software.Telephones IP, is the system where the phones were adapted Under VoIP, because changing the connection is via RJ45 or WI-FI through the router or cable modem, it gives us any Internet service.

HD VoIP – The Spread of Superior Voice Clarity in IP Communications

VoIP systems have slowly integrated itself into mainstream telecommunications systems for personal, commercial and industrial use. This is due mainly to the cost-effective communication solutions that VoIP networks offer individual or corporate users for their internal or external telecommunications needs. However, many are still holding out on their transition to VoIP-based communications mainly due to concerns with regards to voice quality.

Making Phone Calls Over Internet Connections

With the advent of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Providers), you can now make phone calls over internet connections that sound just as good as if you were using your regular house phone and often even better. Due to the proliferation of fiber optic cables, satellite service and digital broadband access to high-speed internet service around the world, it is now possible to make quality phone calls over internet services such as Skype, Vonage, or several others that are just now entering the marketplace.

Switching to VOIP Today Can Save Considerably on Communications Costs

The economic news for North America has been dismal for the last year and one half, and although it appears there are signs of a possible recovery, the immediate future remains troubled. In such an environment, businesses have to evaluate their processes carefully to identify any and all means of increasing efficiency to remain profitable. Savings gained through greater effectiveness may have social implications as well, retaining employees that might have otherwise been let go.

Implementing VoIP Services Into a Business

The implementation of VoIP services into your company can save money and time. Offering similar features to that of traditional land line calling services, VoIP offers an easy transition that quickly produces renewed company growth and enhanced profits.

Is Google Voice For You?

While Google Voice hasn’t been released to the entire public yet, early adopters have already been using it to talk on the phone for free in the US and Canada. Should you get in on it?

The Top Mistakes Made When Selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider

More and more companies are throwing out their tired old telephone system and replacing them with state-of-the-art Hosted VoIP or Hosted PBX services. In addition to lower telephone bills and getting away from 1960s phone line technology, the benefits are wide and far ranging. They include virtual local numbers, telecommuting, connecting multiple locations together through voice, Personal Telephone Numbers, Mobile PBX, Private Faxes, Unified Communications and many more. Regardless of their reasons for choosing a Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP provider and the goals that accompanied the decision, not all deployments of Hosted PBX services are successful. Here is a list of the top mistakes made when choosing a Hosted VoIP service and how to avoid them.

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