MikroTik CAPsMAN Basic Configuration

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MikroTik CAPsMAN (Controlled Access Point system Manager) is a centralized Access Point management application provided by MikroTik. MikroTik introduces CAPsMAN from RouterOS v6.11 with CAPsMAN v1 and from RouterOS v6.22rc7 CAPsMAN v2 is running. If you have multiple MikroTik CAPs (Controlled Access Point) in your organization, CAPsMAN provides an easy way to maintain client data as well as CAPs configuration centrally.
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Start Unifying Your Company’s Communication With Business VoIP

Imagine this situation. Your boss is about to get one of the biggest contracts in your company’s history. You were assigned to get all the documents, call other company branches in other countries, and contact several important company heads. As you are about to do the task, the telephone line suddenly lagged because of maintenance repair, while the cellular phone signals shut off for some weird reason. Next thing you know, you are already at your own home, and have just been fired by your own boss.

VoIP Solutions for Business to Double the Revenue

VoIP is a relatively new term in the dictionary of telecommunication and the internet. In fact, it is a combination of the two. VOIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. The term has been coined in the revolutionary period of Internet Technology, i.e. the present century. Many milestones have been achieved in this field and one of them has definitely been the inception of the VoIP solutions as a means of individual and business communication. The year 2004 marked the first commercial VoIP service providers’ formal entry into the service industry.

How Small Businesses Can Increase Efficiency: Full-Featured Office Phone Systems And More

Small business phone solutions that utilize internet lines increase a company’s efficiency. These types of office phone systems provide more useful features at a cheaper price.

Simplified Discussion of IP Phone Systems

IP phone systems are fast becoming the trend in the communication systems of modern business due to its wide, solid and reliable features. Using the right business communication gadgets can enable to maintain quality leads management and customer services.

VoIP and Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Explains what Direct Inward Dialing is. Also talks about how it’s relevant to VoIP systems.

What Makes VoIP An Essential Business Communication Solution?

Business communication has always been an essential and indeed the most important part of a business. A smooth business communication strategy definitely pays your more as compare to a strategy that is not specific in terms of its goals and has flaws. VoIP is the ultimate business communication solution and is serving many small, medium and even large business companies.

Geography Is History With UK Telephone Numbers As a Result of Mobile and Broadband Networks

By 2020, most geographical numbers will be a thing of the past. This article discusses the subject of geography being a redundant concept as the link between UK telephone numbers and location is broken with both Mobile and Broadband networks allowing companies and individuals to take advantage of location independent numbering schemes.

A Different Way To Install VoIP Phones For Customers

Have you heard about a unique service called VoIP? As a matter of fact, it can be configured in various ways. Sometimes it messes up the diversity of people to make a weak call. The fact is that you may depend on the equipment type until it is needed.

VoIP For Small Business – Helping Businesses to Cut Phone Bill Easily

Why so many small businesses have started using VoIP service? What benefits can it bring to your business?

VoIP Security

As an alternative to traditional phone system the VoIP is being rapidly embraced across the world. There are many different types of VoIP services and technologies available to the public. It is wide accepted and became one of the main communication technologies.

Importance Of Sound Voice And Data Cabling System

Having an efficient data and voice cabling infrastructure is extremely important for all organizations as it is used for transmitting data and voice. There are various firms that provide quality services regarding the assessment, procurement, designing, installation and maintenance of these cat cables used in business premises.

How to Choose the Ideal Voice Over IP Provider

It is amazing how technology has come leaps and bounds throughout even the first 10 years of the 21st century. One of the greatest things in this century is that connecting with people can be done just by the click of a button without it costing a lot of money as compared to the old days when both short and long-distance phone calls cost a lot.

What Wholesale Providers Should Expect From VoIP Billing Software?

Wholesale VoIP service providers need a robust billing software which can be relied upon. The software should effectively deal with the complexities of the VoIP switching world.

Wholesale VoIP Services – Give Your Business The VoIP Advantage

VoIP has changed the way that businesses operate and has broadened the horizons of business operations beyond the place that it is located with its cost effectiveness. Derive the benefits of VoIP for your business with a competent wholesale VoIP provider.

VoIP Service Providers – Significant Things You Should Be Aware Of

VoIP technology is quickly becoming one of the most preferred telephone service providers for customers seeking a low-cost and high-quality alternative to traditional phone service. There is one major issue that many customers have when changing from traditional phone services to a Voice over Internet phone service. There are just too many companies and services to choose from.

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