MikroTik Blocking All Websites Except a Few

Unlike firewall devices, MikroTik Firewall by default allows all websites. So, if you need to block any website, you have to create a firewall rule that will block the specific website. Now if we want to block all websites and want to allow a few websites, we have to do reverse work that means we have to create a firewall rule that will block all websites and we have to create another firewall rule that will allow a group of websites through MikroTik Firewall. In this video, I will show how to block all websites except a few websites those we want using MikroTik Firewall.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/mikrotik-blocking-all-websites-except-a-few-websites

VoIP Softswitches – A Boon for Telecom Industry!

VoIP Softswitch is finding popularity in the telco sphere fast not only because of its advanced feature set, lower cost of ownership and management but also because of the strengthening of the VoIP itself to provided sustained carrier grade QoS. The softswitch has therefore started to replace traditional switches based on hardware. vSwitch is a classic hosted softswitch service based on the Genband/Nextone platform.

Security Concerns: VoIP Services

The reason why millions have already switched to VoIP is because it offers the same service with additional services for a lower cost and efficiently. However, critics have raised a few concerns regarding the security of a VoIP service. The fact of the matter is that all the security threats that apply to an internet service apply to a VoIP service.

Advantages of Managed VoIP Services

Managed VoIP services means that another company is handling your voice over IP communication system for you. This is a nice way to avoid some of the headaches of installation and other every day problems.

VoIP Consultant – Procomm Consulting

More and more people are switching to VoIP in order to save themselves or their business money. They are finding a long the way that if they work with a consultant, their experience is much better.

Services, Benefits and Selection of Conference Call Provider

If you are seriously seeking for a conference call provider then be very careful in selecting the most efficient one. Some of the teleconferencing companies claim to offer best quality service but their teleconferencing facility is found to be of poor quality. Thus, the only thing you need to ensure at the time of choosing a conference call provider is to act sensibly.

Attain Flexibility In Your Calling Regimens With VOIP

This system provides flexible calling approach to the users so that even tricky tasks can be accomplished with ease. So, if individuals want to obtain a flexible and reliable service for their voice calls then VOIP technology is the finest choice for them.

Long Distance Phone Service – Choose the Best

Communication is the key that moves things around. Can you ever imagine a world without any kind of communication? Of course you cannot imagine this at any cost. Communication is the most important thing without which the world will cease to exist. In ancient time, when there were not as such developed technologies like today we have, people had to go for direct communication which was face to face communication.

VoIP Services – Useful From All the Aspects

Time is ever changing. With the changes of time, the course of life also gets changed. This is what life and everything about life holds. In earlier period of time, people had different ways of doing things. But with the change of time, those ways have changed a lot. Before, VoIP technology come into vision, people used land line connections to make calls. But nowadays people prefer VoIP services to make calls to their near and dear ones anywhere across the globe. Thus, old ways of communication have been replaced by the new technologies.

How You Can Start Using Mobile VoIP Like the Telecoms Do

Telecom companies have been using VoIP for years. Here are a few devices and phones that can get you started.

Where to Find the Most Reliable VoIP Providers

VoIP providers are mushrooming everywhere and it’s getting difficult to tell which ones are reliable and which ones aren’t. Because of the lack of standardization in the VoIP industry, it’s very difficult to compare plans which have disparate schemes. This will settle down slowly as the industry matures, no doubt.

The Growing Trend in VoIP Services

VoIP Services have revolutionized the way we use our calling services. Instead of a traditional phone line that requires hardware, installation, and outrageous monthly fees, you can get a VoIP service that offers more than your standard phone line for a lot less.

Reasons to Use VoIP at Home

Are you using VoIP at home yet? Using VoIP at home has so much more advantages, that you should consider adopting the service immediately. If you have internet access as home as the majority of people do,have a look at all the things that you are able to get with VoIP at home, reducing your monthly charges for telephone and internet access.

Business VoIP Solutions – Making Calls Through The Internet

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that allows you to use your broadband Internet connection as a medium for making phone calls. Applying it is leisurely: you merely need to pick up your phone and telephone dial the number of the person you wish to speak with. The other line you are addressing does not need VoIP, and only you do. In fact, an actual phone is not even a necessity. If you have a computer with a built-in microphone and speakers, then you can use VoIP as well.

Features of a VoIP Phone

We have all seen the commercials in regards to VoIP service. With a VoIP phone you can obtain traditional phone services, but also features that only a VoIP phone can provide. Aside from the great list of features, you will never pay overages or ridiculous phone bill prices again!

Gmail Calling Service and Google Voice Features

Google calling is a service that is provided by Google technology and it has been launched in September 2009. There are inbound and outbound calls that are being made and it is free of charge. Google voice is a facility that is being available to users of USA.

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