MikroTik Block Website (Facebook, YouTube and Other Sites)

MikroTik Firewall is a powerful security tool that helps to block any unwanted websites like Facebook, YouTube, Porn sites or any other website that you need. This video will show how to block unwanted website with MikroTik Layer7 Protocol and Firewall Rule.
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Internet Calls – An Inexpensive Mode of International Calling

Internet phone services have been helping people in controlling their communication expenses, eliminating all the barriers coming in the way of long distance communication. Internet phone service is one of the cheapest modes of making international calls.

Hosted VoIP Versus on Premises VoIP

There are two major ways to purchase VoIP services, and both have advantages and will yield good results in terms of cost savings and increased features. Once you have made the decision to move to VoIP, then it’s time to decide whether you want a hosted service, or wish to deploy on site.

SIP Phone and SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) offers an advantage for small businesses that have moved to VoIP. To understand the advantage, we must first look at the issue of using SIP trunking versus PRI (Primary Rate Interface).

What to Look For When Trying to Find Business VoIP Providers

There are many different business VoIP providers competing for business because the market for VoIP has exploded in recent years. However, because there is so much business available, even the companies that do not offer stellar service and all of the best features are still in business.

Benefits of Business VoIP

Deploying VoIP in your business brings several advantages that can make a company more productive as well as cut costs. The low-hanging fruit of VoIP benefits of course is the cost savings, and this is evident across the board, from small and home business operators, to large enterprises.

VoIP Reseller – An Easy Way to Get Best VoIP Services

Day by day, VoIP services reaching sky high, generating huge money by providing quality calling services to end users. People are switching from standard phone lines (Traditional landlines) to VoIP telephony due to the ample of advantages that has been offering comfort and easy accessibility. VoIP resellers play a pivotal role in connecting users to best VoIP services.

Switching to VOIP

With consistent improvement of technology, more options are being offered day by day. But actually, the first step in accepting and switching to these offers are knowing what exactly they offer…and the requirements.

Reasons to Select Web Conferencing Services

Web Conferencing services with facilities such as web video conference and desktop sharing helps you to expand your business. Make use of the best web conferencing tool.

Select Teleconferencing Services For Business

For people in business teleconferencing services is a must for several factors. Such services include phone conferencing, audio conferencing and telephone conferencing.

Business Phone Calls and Broadband Expected to Drive Growth in VoIP Service

The number of VoIP users in the UK has reached nearly three million, according to new research. Subscriptions rose by 15 per cent in the first three quarters of 2009, and stood at 2.95million by the end of that period, the research by In-Stat found.

How to Use the Xlite Dial Plan to Make Wholesale VoIP Test Calls

If you use the Xlite Softphone to make VoIP calls to providers of wholesale VoIP termination, it is useful to know how to set the dial plan to prepend a dialstring prefix. This simple guide will explain how it is done.

Hosted Business Phone Service Options For Enhanced Customer Service

Hosted business VoIP systems often offer many options that can significantly improve customer service. Companies should definitely take advantage of all these features!

Enhancing Customer Service With VoIP For Business

VoIP for business can significantly increase your customers’ appreciation for and satisfaction with your customer service departments. You can implement many features to decrease wait time, ensure that your customer is routed to the correct person to help them, and decrease the frustration associated with long hold times or being bounced from representative to representative. Important calls can be identified and given priority, and customers in need of specialized assistance can hear a real human voice much sooner.

VoIP Enabled Remote Office Solutions Can Significantly Lower Costs

Today’s small businesses need new solutions that encourage organic growth. The workplace of the 21st century has transformed, with remote workers and multiple ‘branch’ offices becoming more common than ever. With traditional telephone systems, connecting all these geographically separate workers is costly and inefficient.

It is Time to Migrate to VoIP For Business

Are you a small business looking into a business phone service, or someone who is just fed up with your ancient on premise PBX? Do you have remote employees? Growth is something that you should look forward to, not something that you should peg on your telephone system. It may be time to start looking into a hosted VoIP solution.

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