MikroTik Bandwidth and Resource Monitoring with Graphs

MikroTik Graphing Tool gives facility to view bandwidth and resource usage information graphically. So, creating interface, queue and resource rules in graphing tool, not only you but also your customer can easily inspect his/her bandwidth or resource usage graphically. This video will show how to configure MikroTik Graphing Tool so easily to monitor bandwidth and resource information. For more details: http://systemzone.net/mikrotik-bandwidth-and-resource-monitoring-with-graphs

Skype Makes the World Go Round

Everybody loves to talk. Everybody loves to be in touch with their loved ones, their families and friends when away. It was one of those things internet made possible – to stay connected with people from distance.

The Advantages of VoIP For Small and Medium Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an emerging technology sector that can be immediately viable and cost effective for small and medium businesses (SMBs). These systems use phones that operate as normal to the employee, but can change the analogue sounds of a voice into digital packets to be transmitted over the internet. These are then changed back at the other end, either to another VoIP phone or to an ordinary phone line.

Choosing a VoIP Provider For Small Businesses

When you decide to choose a VoIP provider for your small business, you’re faced with a few difficult choices. Here are five criteria to help you choose your provider.

Have a Business? Need a New Business Line? Why Business VoIP Might Be the Answer

Running a business is all about juggling costs against profit. The lower your costs, the greater your profit margins. One of the biggest drains on a business’s financial resources can be their telecommunications bill. Conventional landline technology may be tried and tested, but it’s expensive and frankly, starting to look a little bit outdated in an age of computers, the Internet and fibre optic broadband capacity.

How You Can Make Cheaper Calls Abroad Using VoIP (Voice Over IP)

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has revolutionised the way we make international calls. Rather than relying on the traditional landline system, VoIP incorporates the very latest cutting edge technology, broadband Internet connections and the simple concept of marrying up this high-end tech to your telephony needs.

How to Make Internet Phone Calls Using Your Home Broadband and Phone Line

For over 100 years, making a telephone call has relied on basically the same principle. Using antiquated technology, telephone calls from landlines have often meant poor quality voice clarity, crackly lines and high costs, particularly if you call international numbers on a regular basis.

How VoIP Call Plans Can Enable You to Make Unlimited Free International Calls

Having friends, family or even business contacts abroad can mean costly phone bills every quarter. The quality of long distance international calls on a traditional landline system can also be poor, with crackly lines and the problem of a ‘delay’ over long distances. But there is an answer that can save you money on your international calls – VoIP.

Does Your Business Need Cheap International Calls? Consider an International VoIP Plan to Cut Costs

Because of the way in which business has changed thanks to the Internet, even the smallest business is now probably doing a fair amount of trade in an international arena. The Internet has made cross-border trade the norm and businesses are now looking much further afield for both business partners, suppliers and, of course, customers.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Internet Phone Technology For Making Cheap Calls

The way we communicate with each other has undergone a radical change over the last 15 years. It was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea of combining old and new technology to give people an alternative to the traditional telephone.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Call Plans May Mean Better Voice Clarity

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has only been with us for a relatively short time. Started in 1995 by a small company called Vocaltec, the first Internet phone software used a standard PC’s microphone, sound card and speakers to make phone calls to other PCs using the H.323 protocol. Although initially reasonably successful, it had one major drawback. The quality was terrible, not because of the software, but because the technology was limited to the then poor quality microphones that most PCs came with.

Why Small Businesses and SoHo’s Should Consider a Business VoIP Call Plan

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is changing the way businesses communicate. And with so many VoIP providers now offering a wide selection of call packages for businesses, there’s never been a better time for small businesses and SoHos to embrace this new technology and benefit from cheap calls.

How to Switch to VoIP As a Small Business

This article is about how to switch to a business VoIP service. It also features tips about why VoIP is a good alternative to landlines for small businesses.

How to Turn Your Home Phone Into a VoIP Phone Easily to Make Cheap Local and International Calls

People love to talk to each other. The invention of the telephone has been the single biggest factor in shrinking our world and letting us stay in touch with loved ones, whether they live just across town or on the other side of the globe. Now, thanks to the Internet and modern technology, talking to our friends, family and even business associates has become easier and cheaper than ever.

A Corporate VoIP Idea

Why corporate VoIP is needed when positioning your business for corporate credit. A few tips on what to look for and do when setting up VoIP for your new business.

Baby Boomer Business – What is Skype? What Can You Use it For in Your Business?

When I was first introduced to Skype I really did not understand the implications of what it could do for me. My husband “got it” first and am I ever glad he did! My goal is for you to “get it” faster than I did and become better connected with family, friends and customers, plus save money along the way.

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