Meiyou Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review (Cordless) | Worth It?

Meiyou handheld vacuum cleaner review. In this video, I’ll be unboxing and reviewing this new cordless vacuum cleaner I just received from Meiyou.

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I’ll be cleaning my couch, steps, and sweeping up some chips and cereal. Will it handle the job?

To learn more about the meiyou handheld vacuum or the meiyou vacuum cleaner, visit the link above to their listing on Amazon.

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Are Gas Stoves Better Than Electric Stoves?

Over recent years we’ve seen more and more gas stoves enter the market. Many retailers now also sell gas stoves along with the traditional electric stoves. You are probably used to using the electrical stove and consequently you probably are quite fed up with the lack of electricity resources in the country. Load shedding has taken over our lives and we have to work around it and that’s why many people are turning to gas stoves. But are gas stoves better than electric stoves?

LG Washing Machines – Tough On Stains, Gentle On Clothes

LG, one of those few household names in India, manufactures top loading, front loading, semi-automatic washing machines and washer dryers. LG washing machines are known for the cutting-edge technology and sleek designs. These machines give your clothes the best wash but also make your home neat and brilliant.

Replacing Your Cooker Hood Grease Filter Is Easy and Essential

Although you may not give your cooker hood a great deal of attention, it plays an important role in your kitchen. It’s therefore important to make sure that you keep it running at its peak performance. One way you can do this is to regularly replace the grease filters.

Fulfilling Your Family’s Freezer Fantasies

Selecting a freezer that meets your family’s lifestyle needs will help save money and effort. Chest style iceboxes are more economical, but sometimes are not as practical as upright freezers.

How to Choose the Best Washer and Dryer for Your Household

When shopping for large appliances, consumers often look at price point, brand name, and consumer reviews. When it comes to a washer and dryer purchase, price and brand might be important, but there are other factors to consider when selecting these essential machines.

How To Stop a Vacuum Cleaner From Smelling

Due to regular use, and as a result of the pressures they face; from time to time our vacuum cleaners can begin to emit unpleasant odours. Find out how to prevent your vacuum from smelling, by following the advice outlined in the following article.

Space Heater Safety

When considering buying a space heater for your home, there are several things to consider such as heating capacity and built-in safety features. Knowing how to properly use an electrical space heater can help keep your family safe.

What Should and Shouldn’t You Keep In Your Fridge?

Whilst it is important to keep your fridge clean, running, well maintained and at a steady temperature; to help keep your appliance running it’s also important to make sure you’re storing the right things within it. To help make sure you’re storing the right food within your fridge, below we’ve outlined some of the food you should and shouldn’t refrigerate – despite common misconceptions.

How to Correctly Maintain Your Gas Appliance?

Investing in gas products is a good thing and it is advisable as it means that you can save on electricity. That means that you can beat the electricity loadshedding that we are all being subjected to lately. There are many gas products that you could replace your electrical appliances with. These would include the gas heater, gas geyser, gas stove and oven, plus many more. While certain electrical appliances need maintenance, others do not. So does the same apply to gas appliances?

Diagnose Tumble Dryer Faults to Keep Your Appliance Working

There are a few things which whatever the weather, as homeowners we still need to do, from cleaning floors through to washing clothes. Unfortunately with the latter, during the winter months, drying clothes can often be difficult, especially if your tumble dryer is not working to its full potential.

Innovative Coolness: A Closer Look at the Sub-Zero Refrigerator

With state-of-the art technology and an elegant design, the Sub-Zero refrigerator represents its manufacturer’s passion for creating quality appliances. This company has made tons of innovations that have transformed kitchens across the country.

The Next Addition to Your Family: Will It Be Jibo, Pepper or Nao?

Although robots for home use have arrived, the price barrier made most unaffordable to most homes till recently. 2015 will see that change that forever. Three home robots are presented in this article – all below $8000. Two are new while one has already been on the market for sometime. Let’s find out more about Jibo ($499), Pepper($1930) & Nao Next Gen ($7990)!

How New Dishwashers Are More Energy Efficient

Many improvements have become standard in new dishwashers. Learn how these appliances can save money and energy.

5 Advantages Gas Ranges Offer Over Electric Stoves

Gas ranges offer several advantages over electric stoves. Some of those advantages include better temperature control, more even heat distribution, and the ability to operate during a power outage.

A Quick Guide To: Microwaves

In a bid to help you understand your microwave, and therefore get the most out of it, we’ve produced the following guide. This guide looks at how the microwave works, the best way to clean it, and how to replace the waveguide cover should it become faulty.

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