McGRAW 8 Gallon Air Compressor Review and Demo

McGRAW 8 gallon air compressor review – I bought a new air compress from Harbor Freight to pump up the tires on our vehicles, atv’s and soon to be tractor. I didn’t want anything too expensive so I went with the McGRAW 8 gallon air compressor.

You can also find it here on Amazon:

Oil-free pump for no-maintenance operation
20% more PSI*
Over 70% more air tool run time**
Quieter than standard oil free induction motor compressors***
4.1 SCFM for quick recovery and cycle time
Powerful 1.5 Running HP induction motor
Rubber Gauge Cover for Impact resistance/protection
Large rubber wheels and long handle for easy mobility
High impact shroud for maximum protection and lower noise level

We hope you enjoyed this McGRAW air compressor review and demo video.

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