Make a Wordle Clone with React #1 – Introduction & Setup

Hey gang, in this series you’ll learn how to make a Wordle clone using React.

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen With New Appliances and Stay Within Your Budget

Remodeling a kitchen with new appliances is often a process that starts with a budget that works within your financial picture. Then, it turns into something that grows in cost to the point where it starts delaying other expenditures like cars, vacations, and perhaps a college education for the kids.

Electrolux Dishwashers Overview – A List of Features You Can Expect From the Best Selling Models

The great thing about Electrolux dishwashers is that they are designed for any type of home. Whether you live in a modern home, country home, traditional home, etc,, you can find a suitable dishwasher from this brand. They have a variety of designs and finishes, combined with innovative technology.

LG Washers Shopping Guide – Taking a Look at Top-Selling Models and What They Offer

With so many washers out on the market, how do you know which one would be right for your laundry needs? There are literally hundreds to choose from, of all sizes, styles, finishes, and colors. Some are quite energy-efficient while others are not. If there is one place to start, it’s with LG. This is the leading brand for laundry technology. LG washers are very economical choices.

GE Dishwashers Overview – Technology You Can Expect From Top Control Units, Portable Units, and More

There are so many different types of dishwashers and sinks to choose from these days. Washing dishes has never been easier – especially where GE is concerned. The most advanced GE dishwashers can deliver 65% more wash power.

Maytag Dryers Buyer’s Guide – What Are the Popular Models? What Technology and Features Are Offered?

If you are interested in Maytag dryers to go along with your washer, you will find that they are built for high-efficiency. The choice of dryer for your laundry needs is one that you can’t take lightly. It’s important that you choose a dryer that is built and designed to handle your every load, no matter what kind of clothes and towels you need to dry. If you don’t choose a good dryer, you will have to put up with shrinkage and other problems.

Is a Built-In Oven Right for Your Kitchen?

Built-in ovens are really popular at the moment for various reasons, but are they right for your kitchen? We take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of slot-in cookers and discuss whether a traditional standalone stove will meet your needs.

Refrigerator Is Not Cold – Part Three – Condensor Coils

In Part Three of Refrigerator Is Not Cold we will explore some other components that may be contributing to your refrigerator not working properly. The condenser coil and it’s function will be our focus.

Things to Check Before Calling an Air Conditioner Repair Professional

In this article, we discuss how to check the air conditioner when it is not working properly. There are things you can and should do before calling an air conditioner repair expert.

Roomba and Scooba Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Worth the Price?

Those who frequently clean and manage their homes know how tedious it can become to sweep, vacuum, and mop in a seemingly never-ending cycle. Thanks to recent technological advances, however, there may be another option to help ease household cleaning burdens.

Maytag Washers Review of Some of the Popular Models and What They Offer

Maytag washers are available in three configurations: front-load, traditional top-load, and high-efficiency top-load. Whatever you are looking for in a washer, you will find with this brand. Maytag has been a leader in home appliances for many years.

Whirlpool Dryers – A Look at Electric and Gas Dryers and What Consumers Can Expect

When it comes to your fabrics, it’s important that you choose a dryer that can handle your needs with care. No dryer brands are equal, and some are certainly better than others. Whirlpool dryers are considered by many to be the best. They have been around for many years to handle the needs of homeowners and commercial launderers alike.

LG Microwaves Guide to Countertop and Over-The-Range Models and Their Technology

LG microwaves are designed for convenience and versatility. Over-the-range and countertop models are both available. They are packed with technology such as True Cook Plus, ExtendaVent, and Sensor Cooking, and child safety functions.

What Are Cooker Services All About?

Cooker services are all about keeping your appliances working properly and protecting you and your family from danger. This is because a poorly installed gas cooker can cause a lot more damage than you can imagine and it needs to be checked regularly.

The Panasonic Microwave In Focus

A brief overview of the Panasonic Microwave. As well the benefits of them too.

7 Tips to Finding An Appliance Repair Company

In this article, we discuss how to find information about the right appliance service company. Find out where to look for help when your home appliances break down.

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