MAC Address Filtering in MikroTik WiFi Access Point

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Access List is an amazing feature in MikroTik Wireless Router. This feature helps to allow only any specific MAC address in MikroTik WiFi AP. So, a MAC address filtering WiFi Access Point can easily be established with MikroTik Wireless Router. In my previous video I showed how to configure basic WiFi AP in MikroTik Wireless Router. I also showed how to configure virtual AP on a physical wireless interface. In this video, I will show how to filter device MAC address in MikroTik WiFi AP so that any unauthenticated device cannot be connected in your network although he/she knows your WiFi SSID and password.

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Free VoIP Service to Save Incredibly On Call Costs

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has revolutionized the way we communicate. In this form of call making, the calls are routed through the internet and not the phone line, so they are cheap or even free. With just an internet connection and a mic, you can communicate to anywhere in the world, using the internet as a medium.

Hosted PBX and Home Workers

Although VoiceOver IP has been around for a while, internet connections have only recently become fast enough to provide good call quality. Now, VoIP has become a real option for businesses looking at ways to improve their business model. In this article, we will explain how your company can make use of our Hosted PBX service and employ staff who work from home, while cutting costs.

VOIP – What Is VOIP?

Provides an explanation of what VOIP is as well as frequently asked questions about VOIP. Learn how to save money on your phone bills with VOIP.

Ten Reasons to Switch to VOIP

What do you think about when you decide to call a person on the other part of the world? Of course, there is the phone bill that bothers you most of all. The high costs stop you at once.

Solutions to VoIP Problems

Explains some of the problems people may be having with VoIP and how to overcome them. Also looks at the future of the VoIP industry and how those problems might vanish.

SIP – Why Deploy SIP for Business?

What exactly is SIP? What does this technology do? How can it help your business? Learn this and more here.

QoS and VoIP – Why Quality of Service Is a Growing Challenge

Voice over IP is often the first service people think of when Quality of Service is mentioned, although most of the early VoIP deployments of made do without QoS at all. Things were simpler then, for the enterprise, VoIP was either restricted to LANs with plentiful bandwidth so that contention issues were rare, or, if allowed out into the WAN, given a separate connection to keep it safe from other traffic. Back in the early days of enterprise VoIP, QoS could be pretty well guaranteed without major technical challenges. Outside the enterprise VoIP was – and still is – extensively used to bypass international telco transit charges. Careful use of dynamic macro-level routing meant that contention issues were avoided, the world was a simpler place.

How to Get Cheap Calls

The idea of calling abroad makes many people uneasy when they think of the expensive phone bill that might be following. Whether you call abroad from a mobile or landline, you’ll know that the standard calling companies often charge unreasonable rates.

Automated Phone Attendant – Feature-Rich Yet Affordable

Business offices now have the advantage of advanced telephony solutions to meet their communications needs and offer better customer service. The VoIP PBX telephone system comes with an advanced automated phone attendant that is feature-rich but affordable. This auto receptionist is well-equipped to ensure callers a professional communication interface and helps enhance the efficiency of business communication at reduced cost.

Using Skype Instead of a Regular Phone – Top 5 Reasons

Skype can be used as a regular phone and here are the top 5 reasons for why you should call with Skype instead of a regular phone. When Skype first introduced the possibility for people to talk over the Internet it was quite revolutionary.

Using Mean Opinion Score for Evaluating VoIP Call Quality

When calling using VoIP, among the frequently asked question are inquiries on the call quality of the voice call – if there are noticeable gaps in the voice transmission, if the calls are suddenly cut-off, and if the voice is clear enough to be understood on the other end. These questions are understandable, given the bad quality of calls in older VoIP systems. Fortunately, VoIP is way past its period of doubts and uncertainties due to the ascent of faster and more reliable broadband technologies, the development of new hardware and software…

VoIP System Evaluation Factors

A rundown of the parameters used when evaluating a VoIP call. We look at technical indicators as well as what we call a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) where we get direct customer feedback.

What You Should Consider When Buying Voip Phone Systems

You already know that choosing VoIP for your new business phone system is a smart move. Improved productivity and reduced costs are just some of the benefits you will reap when changing to a hosted VoIP system.

VoIP – The Best and Cheapest Communication Option for Any Business

VoIP, in simple words, is the transfer of your voice through the means of the Internet. Getting incredibly popular now-a-days, it is something you must learn about.

USA Code Number – Connect With Your Local Customers in USA

A USA code number allows you to build up a customer base in a key location in this vast nation without having to set up a physical office there. When you get a number with a US code for your business office, it becomes easier and more affordable for local customers to call you. They pay just local charges for the call.

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