LISEN Magnetic Phone Mount Holder for Car Vent Review & Demo

Magnetic phone mount holder for car vent review and demo. In this video, I’ll show you a new car magnetic phone holder I bought on Amazon

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This 2 PACK magnetic car mount, will be the most rational and sensible choice for you. This 2 pack magnetic phone mount is equipped with a hook design clip, 6 super strong neodymium iron boron magnets, and an anodized magnesium metal magnetic mount, 6 metal plates, and a lot of high-quality materials at any cost. Our 2 pack magnetic phone holder for car not only has the same high quality as the one pack but also can save you more than 40% than buying one by one.

This 2 PACK magnetic car phone holder is designed to be a “hook shape” and forms “three grasp points” which can vise the outlet blades tightly and ensure it NEVER FALL OFF in any situation. It has “Three Grasp Points” with a shockproof sponge and rubber, which could hold the phone steadier. This magnetic holder is BORN FOR INNOVATION & PRACTICABILITY, solving the common market issue of being easy to fall off from the vent over time.

LISEN magnetic car phone holder mounts with 6 built-in strong neodymium iron boron magnets that hold up to 7.7lb / 3.5kg (15 x iPhone 13). Thanks to the strong suction power, your mobile phone or tablet will be kept in place even on bumpy roads. PLEASE NOTE: 1. The phone holder for car fits all 4-7” iPhone, Samsung, and other cellphones with thick cases. 2. It is recommended to install the metal plate on the back of the phone or phone case.

With this LISEN 2 pack magnetic vent phone holder, you will have the following happy moment:① FOR ONE CAR: No worries about being bothered by phone calls or music switching while driving to ensure safer driving, your friend can enjoy movies with hands-free operation during long journeys. ② FOR TWO CARS: You can share this 2 PACK magnetic phone holder for cars with your family around and get the happiness of the sharing or use of your two cars.

LISEN 2 Pack Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent, [6 Strong Magnets] Magnetic Car Mount, Hands Free Air Vent Cell Phone Holder Mount for Car, Fit 4-11in iPhone 13 Pro Max,13 Pro, All Phones & Tablet

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Washing Machines: A Story (Part 1)

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Doing it yourself is a good way to feel a lot of pride about your ability to take care of yourself or it is a great way to feel really terrible about your complete inability to take care of yourself. Any time you take repairing major appliances into your own hands you are potentially dooming yourself to an embarrassing and expensive mistake. Making an attempt on Maytag dryer repair could assure that the dryer you have long relied on becomes a bulk sized item in a heap of trash.

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Washing Machines: A Story (Part 2)

Well, we left our nostalgic trip down memory lane about the sheer hard work that washing our clothes used to entail by briefly mentioning modern day washing machines but, before continuing, I would like to look back on how our grandmothers and great grandmothers had to cope. Imagine having a baby and then having to wash all his or her clothes, toweling nappies included, by hand? It makes me tired just thinking about it!

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Appliance Shopping Tips

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Delonghi Kettle And Toaster For Better Kitchen Appliances

Have better and lovelier breakfasts with the Delonghi kettle and toaster that is designed to not only make your kitchen life more convenient, but also to make your kitchen look better and cozier. Add glamour to your kitchen, and do not let it be just the place where you cook your meals.

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