Landing Page Build (with Parallax) #5 – Bottom Section

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Make Sure Your Appliance Is Broke

Here is the hard truth that so many appliance repairmen are afraid to admit. They can’t fix what they can’t see or observe.

Benefits of Electrical Testing and Tagging

This article discusses Melbourne electrical testers. It specifically explains the benefits that business owners can get when they have regular testing and tagging done to their equipment.

What to Look for in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

The range of vacuums in the market today can make it difficult for us to find the best vacuum for our needs. Different types and models of vacuums have differing levels of efficiency. In order to find a good vacuum, you should consider a few important factors.

Floor Cleaning Robot

With the rapid technological advances today, the use of automated and robotic technology to simplify our everyday household processes is becoming more common. There are many products in the market aimed at performing certain chores around the house. One of the most important chores being taken over by robots is the process of cleaning the floor.

Advantages of Using a Robotic Floor Cleaner

Most of us hate it, but it has to be done. Cleaning the floor is one of the most disliked chores in the house. Most of us actually try to run away from it, but it is a necessary chore.

Fresh Air Begins With High Quality Filters

Without realizing it our lives are dependent upon filtration systems. In just about every imaginable industry and even in residential settings, filters make breathing easier to do. Each filter works hard to trap dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and a host of other nasty air assailants.

Caframo, The Company

Caframo, or Canadian Fraction Motors, was established in 1955 having the distribution and production of laboratory stirrers, fans and heaters – all illusive to the name of the business. People who have helped operate the business was Hans Jr., who turned into the president of the company in 1964; and Rudolph Zinsser, his brother-in-law. In 1994, Tony Solecki became the general manager and bought Canadian Fraction Motors in 1996 (he is still the current owner of Caframo).

Do Your Appliances Trip Your Breaker?

You have the microwave running, the coffee pot going, and you turn on the kitchen light – and everything stops. Sound familiar? Circuit breaker problems are undoubtedly a hassle – and require a professionally trained and certified electrician to remedy. So why, exactly, is this happening? Here are three of the most common causes:

4 Benefits of Installing a Central Heating System

When you decide to install a new heating system in your home, you need to think about the best type. There are many options to consider and they range from electric fan heaters, electric oil radiators and portable gas fires to the most popular option, the central heating system. Modern homes come with the system that is not only highly efficient, it is also cost-effective.

What Are the Different Types of Air Compressors?

An air compressor is simply an air compressor, however there are several different types of features and characteristics that differentiate air compressor models. Tank size and style, portability and powering methods are a few of the ways that air compressors differ.

Why Regular Maintenance Of Your Appliances Is Important

While we always worry about maintaining our cars, our lawns, our furniture, we tend to forgot about our house hold appliances. Then one day when they stop working, we throw them out and go and buy new ones.

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Heating System

The heating unit is an important equipment that helps to enhance the comfort in the home. The system is also often one of the largest investments when it comes to home appliances and fixtures. You can make sure that your family remains comfortable in any climate, by installing a good system.

How to Select Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

The electric fireplace has become a preferred choice in recent times. Replace it for the traditional brick and mortar fireplace and grant a sleek and smart appearance to the living room. The market is now flooded with numerous models and patterns to choose from.

Tankless Water Heaters: Constant Hot Water Supply and Money Savers

Are you a new or existing homeowner who wants to save money on their energy bills? Switching up your appliances and heating/cooling systems could really benefit your home as well as your pockets.

Kettlefan, The Military Stove Fan

In some parts of the world wherein the weather can suddenly become colder the demand for efficient, a reliable and safe heating system is very in demand. Heating devices are mostly needed in places where winter season occur. The traditional heating system for homes is not energy efficient in providing additional bills every month. For those people who are working under the coldest weather, a warm and comfortable sleeping area is what they need the most.

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