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Join Peter Gasparro of Konftel once again, as he returns with a live demo of their brand new web camera, the Konftel CAM10! See how easy it can be to use this versatile webcam to work from home, hybrid, or in the office!

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How VOIP Works With Internet Voice

It should be noted that the VOIP works in a different way when making calls either locally or internationally. This is because it uses the internet voice to make calls which is actually determined with the stability of the internet. If the internet is low, communication may not be effective and this can actually arise to be a communication barrier. On the other hand, stronger and stable internet connection can lead to very clear calls both locally and internationally.

How Businesses Can Profit From VoIP Phones?

Check out how VoIP phone service can help your company to cut cost and improve productivity. Read our short summary on VoIP service.

Video Phones: How To Replace Skype With Video Phones?

Skype is a software application that has caught the attention of millions of internet users. It features video calling, instant messaging, and conference calling. Through video calling, you can see your friends and loved ones while talking to them.

The Benefits of VoIP Over Public Switched Telephone Network

It is true that VoIP is quite different from the public switched telephone network that is available everywhere. This is because the IP network tries to reduce communication costs as compared to other normal networks. As a result, it may cost people a lot of money to pay for the services. For example, they can make international calls from their own countries. It’s because they are charged with constant fees per minute, which is quite different from the VOIP networks. All of us are required to have at least one computer with internet connection, and you will be able to make low-cost calls both locally and internationally.

Microsoft-Skype Deal Sends Wake Up Call To Wireless Carriers

Already experiencing declines in many areas, the telecommunications industry has been scrambling to prepare for a transition as more people disconnect their home telephone lines in favor of cellphones. This reporter falls into the classification of an early adapter as I have only had a cell phone number as my primary means of contact for nearly a decade. Due to issues such as this along with declining texting as users switch to free IM platforms that offer more functionality either for free or at very low cost, wireless carriers are on the search to create new streams of revenue geared towards Wifi, broadband, and mobile applications instead of the standard minute/texting packages. The purchase of Skype by Microsoft for 8.5 billion dollars last week sent a strong wake up call to the telecommunications industry and alerted the world at large on the value of internet based, VOIP type systems such as Skype which are threatening to usurp the stranglehold that older companies such as AT&T have held on the market for so long. Services like Skype, Viber, Oovoo, and promising upstart Smart Mouth Mobile are a definite cause for concern to the sleeping giants of telecom.

Everything There Is to Know About SIP Trunking – Part II

The Three Components of SIP Trunking There are three important components that are needed for SIP Trunking to be usable in a company’s telephone system. These three components are as follows: An IP PBX Telephone System – Most companies today who handle large amounts of voice communication have IP PBX systems. This IP-based system exchanges and route communication to an IP network. This system also allows of calls from VoIP to traditional phone while allowing the sharing of several external phone lines.

VoIP – Fixing the Broken Phone System

How VoIP can bring the PSTN system up to date with the modern world. Find out what that means for customers and where we’re headed.

Signal Equipment for Seamless and Secure Communication

The ability to communicate in real time has altered the way we live and function whether at home or work. Nowadays, communities and businesses are employing new technologies to stay connected to people across various locations and achieve desired goals. Further, the globalization of industrial operations has made it necessary to have advance systems of communication.

RingCentral Review Communications In The 21st Century

Modern businesses need cutting-edge communications and with technology changing all the time, it’s important to keep up with the pace. It’s vital that customers get the impression that your company has good lines of communication but it’s equally important that communication channels are good internally as well.

What Makes VoIP Special?

Why is VoIP a better alternative to traditional telephone systems? Learn about why VoIP is different and how it’s fundamentally different.

Internet Fax: Stay in Touch From Anywhere

Technology has endowed us with so many different options for communicating with one another. From cell phones to the internet, there are several ways businesses can keep in touch with customers, associates and employees. Faxing is today done using the internet and you no longer have to deal with inconvenient machines, blurred papers and toners.

Choose the Right Switches for Your Local Area Network Upgrade in 2011

Mid-size and large organizations are entering another cycle of Local Area Network upgrades due to two recent technology changes. One is that 10Gb Ethernet are now standard connections on servers. The other is the widespread adoption of wireless devices like the iPad that has put a strain on Wireless Local Area Networks. This is forcing the adoption of 10Gb Ethernet for server and access layer uplink connectivity. Because the LAN has to be upgraded, organizations are looking ahead a few years to see what other technologies are going to have to be accommodated, and working with experienced network designers to put together a comprehensive plan. There are many considerations to take into account in order to get an optimal design for the Core, Distribution, and Access layer upgrades, and specific Cisco switch choices are important in order to implement the design well.

Net Neutrality and the Battle for VoIP

New laws all over the world reflect the ongoing battle for the soul of the Internet. Net neutrality is the crux of the issue and could directly affect the adoption of VoIP.

Save Money With VoIP Telephone Service

VoIP, voice over protocol, is the next generation of saving money with your home phone service. It is easy, reliable and full of features.

VoIP Telephones Make Money for Your Business

We have been using VoIP for several years and have also shared the benefits of using VoIP with many of our clients in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Below are our top reasons why we like VoIP:

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