Join us at GSMA’s MWC Barcelona 2023

You’re invited to #MWC23 Barcelona! Don’t miss the #Huawei #GUIDE to the intelligent world. You’ll want to leverage the innovative powers of ICT technologies like 5G, cloud, and AI. Register now to explore the power of tomorrow’s technology:

[Music] These days they mount on digital Infrastructure are growing [Music] An ICT Technologies like 5G cloud and AI Are converging in fast These are great opportunities to grow Your business [Music] Huawei is driving non-stop innovation in Green and intelligent ICT Together with careers and departments Well built of prosperous 5G industry And going forward we will keep working Hard to help lay the groundwork for 5.5 This year's Mobile World Congress River Explore this and more including the diet Business blueprint for carriers Come join us in Barcelona And we can explore How to Succeed Together In the intelligent world [Music]

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