JavaScript the Hard Parts: Promises, Async & the Event Loop

JavaScript the Hard Parts: Promises, Async & the Event Loop video lecture with Michael O’Halloran, Senior Software Engineer & Lead Instructor at Codesmith.

During this workshop, you will learn how to master asynchronous JavaScript and promises! Our mental models of asynchronicity in javascript – the event loop, callback queue – are no longer enough. We have to augment them with the new world of native promises and async/await and understand them intuitively. In this session, we’ll do this so you can write readable code and debug effectively.

The workshop will cover:
– The challenge with single-threadedness in JavaScript.
– How asynchronicity enables much of modern web development
– The challenge with asynchronicity in JavaScript and how promises fix the problem of inversion of control

A combination of understanding promises and async/await under the hood and strategies for effective implementation will give you the tools to write clean pro asynchronous code in your work and projects.

This video is a recording of a live workshop. To follow along live and participate in an upcoming workshop, RSVP at

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