Jabra Hybrid Spaces Solutions | Webinar April 2022

Work from anywhere with Jabra! Join us, as we team up with Jessica Kelley of Jabra to discuss their full array of headsets, speaker phones, web cameras, and more! With the increase of hybrid working, learn how Jabra can accommodate just about any need for home, the road, or the office!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Looking for the Best Text Message App for Android? Here’s What You Need to Know

Smartphones are considered as one of the best-selling devices these days. According to eMarketer.com, a rate of 4.55 billion people worldwide is expected to use mobile phones in this year. Moreover, a new report conducted by the same research company talks about worldwide mobile phone users for 2014’s forecast and comparative estimates. They stated that between 2013 and 2017, mobile phone penetration will rise from 61.1 to 69.4 percent of the global population.

Small Business Solutions: Virtual PBX Phone Systems (Main Benefits For Using Them With Your Company)

Does going with a virtual PBX phone system make economic sense for your small business or company? To discover why many new businesses and start-ups are opting for the virtual route when it comes to all their business communications – keep reading.

Slash Your Cell Phone Bills – Make Free High Quality Voice And Video Calls Anywhere In The World

Smartphones are incredible tools which can help you stay connected to friends, colleagues and family members. Now you can slash your monthly cell phone bills by using the amazing VOIP apps which let you make unlimited free calls to people around the world from your smartphone.

Why Downloading A Free Mobile Messaging Application Helps You Save Money?

These days, communicating with one another has become very easy because of the popularity of social media. People can simply drop a message to start a conversation between two or more individuals. Even without face to face conversations, they all seem to have a connection.

Why GrooveIP Is Moving Away From Google Voice

GrooveIP has been forced to switch to another service pending Google’s pulling of support for the XMPP protocol. What alternative will they offer now?

Moving Towards Unified Communications With VoIP

There is a popular trend to move away from copper-based and traditional PBX networks to a unified infrastructure, which is able to handle all communications means. The use of VoIP in the sphere of business is growing very fast, spurred by a fusion of increasingly mature technology and an intention to curtail costs.

Understanding VoIP Signalling APIs

SIP forms the third leg of VoIP architecture. It’s a signaling API and understanding its role in the system is critical.

Hosted Softswitch Vs On-Premise Solution

With new innovations and development, the telecom industry is witnessing a massive change. With the advent of the VoIP technology, the communication landscape has got a new makeover. Especially in the corporate sector, the VoIP technology has changed the way business communications were perceived until a few years ago.

Why Choose VoIP Over Landlines or Mobiles?

It used to be difficult in the early days to make long-distance calls with ease. But, advancement in science and technology has made almost everything easier and possible. This is what has been seen in the case of long-distance calls. In order to take analog audio signals, a method dubbed Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has been introduced.

Will Mobile VoIP Dialers Takeover PC Dialers?

Mobile dialer is among the top mobile VoIP dialers that have been creating a huge buzz in the VoIP industry. VoIP providers can facilitate calls simply from the user’s mobile phone and a running internet connection, also known as mVoIP or Mobile VoIP.

5 Ways VoIP Calling Can Help Your Business

Busineses and companies want to avoid spending the tons of money they do each year on phone bills. While talking to customers and clients is necessary, reducing the cost of calls which can be quite an amount if one is making international calls, has been a constant headache for businesses. Thankfully, the solution seems in sight.

The Future of VoIP Telephony for Business

The world of telecommunication is a baffling one. Today, cell phones are used by every third person, if not every person! Step outside on the street and hear millions of cell phones ringing at the same time!

VoIP – The Future of Customer Service

When setting up VoIP, your hardware requirements will differ depending on your infrastructure. Here’s what you need to get started.

IOS’s Latest VoIP Strategy – What’s New?

iOS’s VoIP strategy hasn’t changed much with the introduction of iOS 8. However, there have been a few nifty improvements.

The Revolutionizing Entry of VoIP

Ever since the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system has come into the picture, it is evolving on a frequent basis and has almost revolutionized the communication system. VoIP has come up as a windfall to most of the businesses, whether big or small, bringing them numerous benefits at one time. While cheaper services cannot be ensured for excellence or efficacy, VoIP is one such service that is cheap as well as effective. Both small and large businesses are enjoying the compelling benefits of this new form of communication system, which costs them less, while offering a multitude of features.

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