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In this video, we unbox the Jabra Engage 50 Corded USB-C Stereo Headset and its little friend, Jabra Link! This stereo headset has a unique 3-microphone system, noise-cancellation, and works with Microsoft Teams and more!

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Get even more info on the Jabra Engage 50 Corded Headset here:

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Not looking for a stereo headset? Check out the Jabra Engage 50 Mono here:

Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply. And today, I’m going to be unboxing Jabra’s Engage 50 and its little friend the Engage Link. This is the stereo version, and there is also a mon version available. It comes very nicely packaged here. Here’s the actual headset. This is USB-C. A little quick start guide on how to connect, where the best place to position the mic boom. And here’s additional information about the headset.
Mary Cheney:
It actually gives you the ability to add a name tag. This little piece pops off. You can write a name in there, which makes it great for call centers. If you have a ton of these and people need to know whose headset is whose, that makes it really nice. Here’s the actual headset itself. The mic boom goes back and forth. The ear cushions, this is super comfortable.
Mary Cheney:
If it were plugged in, the Busylight indicators here would actually light up. What’s really cool about this, so we mentioned call centers, if you download Jabra software go to download Jabra Direct, which is an application. It gives you a ton of value-added features at your desktop or on your computer, your laptop.
Mary Cheney:
So say you have a specific action or notification that you want people to visually be able to see when someone has this headset on, these can actually change color. You can change it to whatever color you want. It makes it fun for an organization to be able to light up different colors. It’s pretty cool. One other neat feature, again, I mentioned downloading Jabra Direct.
Mary Cheney:
As you saw when you have the headset on and you’re playing around with the mic boom, the Jabra Direct feature that is available for free, once it’s downloaded and you have the headset connected to your PC or your laptop, it will actually tell you a pop-up… You’ll get a pop-up notification if your mic boom is not positioned properly. I’ve used this on calls. It’s great. Every time I give somebody a call, whether it be a video call or a call on my phone if they say how great I sound. That’s really cool.
Mary Cheney:
Let’s unbox the Jabra Engage Link. This is really cool. It not only helps you connect to USB-A, but it actually has a volume control, mute feature, some other value-added buttons that are available. This is your volume, mute. And again, you would just… If you did not have USB-C on your computer, you would need to purchase the Jabra Engage Link, and this plugs into here, and then you have your traditional USB-A plug here.
Mary Cheney:
Once this is connected, you can actually change the Busylight indicator right through this. Here’s your volume control, so it’s nice and swivel. It’s a nice feature. It’s got a little bit of foam on the bottom, so it doesn’t slide around. As you can see, it sticks down pretty well. A couple other things that I wanted to point out on the Engage 50 series headset by Jabra is that it is Microsoft Teams compatible, Zoom compatible, Cisco compatible. There is a whole long list of compatibility for those particular headsets.
Mary Cheney:
Definitely check it out on the VoIP Supply website. If you have more questions, you can reach out to us on our website through chat, or you can call one of our solutions consultants. We’d be happy to talk to you a little bit more. Jabra is great, great headset company, the quality of what they put out. But they don’t only do headsets. They do webcams now. They have their PanaCast series. It’s more than just a webcam though. They can be used in classroom settings. But this particular headset, we’ll keep the attention on this, it’s really great for call centers.

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