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Join us as we team up with the folks at Jabra to show you how easy it can be to upgrade your IT Team’s business productivity with Jabra Direct and Jabra Express! Learn how to manage large pools of Jabra devices remotely and intelligently.

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Reducing VoIP Latency

VoIP calls are more susceptible to delays in hearing what the other person is saying. There are a few ways however to reduce VoIP latency.

Choosing The Right VoIP Service Provider

Are you interested in replacing your old phone system with a much reasonably priced, yet more powerful VoIP system? If you are then here are some of the things that you need to find if you are looking for the best VoIP service provider for your home.

Checking Out The Benefits Of Using The Internet For Your Phone Service

Consumers can choose from various online options for talking to someone far away. Chatting has become a common form of conversation online. Because of the convenience and ease, this chatting has now become an offer for you to have phone service using your internet connection.

The Difference Between VoIP And Local Telephone Companies

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a new technology that allows you to communicate voice signals over the internet. It sends audio signals, converts them into digital packets of data and transmits them to your receiver through the internet. Traditional telephone wires are no longer necessary when you need to make a call.

VoIP Vs Skype

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technological advancement that allows a user to transmit and receive audio signals using the internet as a gateway, instead of the traditional analog communication lines. Skype is one of the recognized service providers of VoIP and makes use of its own features.

Questions And Answers On VoIP Phone Services

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is changing the worldwide telephone system. VoIP is the revolutionary technology that makes it possible for people to talk to others across the globe at very low price. A lot of people have already shifted to this technology. But you might be puzzled on what VoIP is and how it can change your life.

Improving Communication Lines With Polycom IP 550 and Other VoIP Phones

Maximizing the features of your Internet-based telephone network is important in maintaining good communication. Use modern VoIP units like the Polycom IP 550 in your office. Modern IP phones support the features of your current network.

What VoIP Is And How It Works

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is fast making the old analog telephone obsolete. But what is VoiP and how is it changing the way we communicate?

Why VoIP Is Better Than Traditional Phones

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is often hailed as the harbinger of the end of traditional telephones. Unlike conventional phone calls, with VoIP calls you use the internet as a means to convey your voice towards the other party at the other end of the line. With a wider reach and larger bandwidth, it is actually cheaper to make calls using VoIP, oftentimes you can even make free calls.

General Ideas About Voicemail

Voicemail groups are extremely useful for business voicemail users. A voicemail group is a list of phone numbers that belong to people who have some commonality.

Why VoIP Is Becoming So Popular Lately

So, what is so special about the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology? Can you imagine using a small piece of device or software that will let you communicate with your friends, business partners and loved ones across the globe for as long as you want without worrying about how much you will be paying for the time spent talking?

How Does SIP Trunking Compared to Hosted VoIP?

SIP trunking and hosted VoIP at two implementations of the same technology. Find out what benefits a business can obtain from each.

Virtual PBX Service for Communication

Virtual PBX providers have expanded their services to offer attractive features including messaging, call-forwarding, auto-attendant, call-waiting options as well as automatic dialing. Virtual PBX also provides advanced features towards the integration of the phone and computer.

VoIP Vs The Traditional Phone Services

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is getting more and more popular nowadays and many people are using the technology to make calls. A lot of people are saying that there are advantages that you can get if you use VoIP phone services.

Tips to Choose a VoIP Service Provider

VoIP service providers can offer a wide range of services which have reduced phone bill charges to a fraction of what they used to be. So it is always important to choose a reputed service provider. Read on this article to get some tips for choosing a VoIP provider.

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