Is your start-up world stage ready?

From workshops, mentoring, to pitching, the Huawei International Scale-Up Programme prepares you for the global stage. Hear how Helgen Technologies, a tech and robotics start-up, benefitted from the programme, delivered by Dogpatch Labs.

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I am Leo Rodriguez I am the CEO at Elgin Technologies Helgen is a robotics company we connect Robots with Industries basically robots Don't connect very well with each other If they are manufactured by different Companies so we're solving that problem By creating an interface that basically Connects them and we're also doing Digital tweens and some Management Services as well Helgen Technologies is located at the RDI Hub in County Kerry in Ireland we Also have an office in Mexico and a Small office in Baltimore in the U.S The advantage for us to being in the RDA Office that we're very close to the Businesses that we support We're transforming agricultural Communities into digital communities We're transforming ports into digital Ports and things like that After covet Communication in companies Has changed a lot we have 20 people in Our team and all of them are working Remotely but we have to actually work Time to time with our customers on site And then that helps to improve the human Connection with the team I wouldn't say It's better or worse it's just different The Irish startup ecosystem it's been Great for us particularly the guys like RDI Hall Dog Patch Labs these guys are Super supportive and it's great for us

To be here Getting to work Hawaii is doing in terms Of connecting in with the local Ecosystem through the startups to the Research programs is really helping to Embed Hawaii and locally and you know The program that's happening at the Moment with the 10 startups here in Dog Patch Labs I think is excellent four Stops we can bring the state of the art Resources for the cloud infrastructure But in the meantime we can also bring The know-how from Technical and Commercial perspective where the on-site Resources in Europe for our Europe stops I think the key part to be in this Program is the actual connection to Huawei a lot of our customers are from Asia so we feel that Huawei could Potentially boost that connection up Just given the size of Ireland we're a Very small country it's really important That we Face outwards and you'll find That Irish entrepreneurs from the get-go Understand that the Irish Market Probably isn't where it's at for them so They tend to look Global first So I'm Leo Rodriguez I am the CEO at Cargen Technologies we see an excellent Opportunity for a potential partnership With Huawei to accelerate our Development on their cloud services and Allow our expansion to Europe and Asia The pitch today went very well and

Really what I think is that we nailed The message it's just recent when we Actually learn about the work that Huawei is doing in terms of cloud Computing and Edge Computing and that is Very relevant to our business so we hope To have a long lasting operation going Forward with them In terms of Irish ecosystems Specifically about the startups everyone Is very very for looking and they are Welcoming to have access to the International market not limited to just For the Euro I think that's a very Impressive part of the I received equal System

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