IP Based Virtual Hosting Configuration with Apache on CentOS 7

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Virtual Hosting is a method of hosting multiple domains on single web server. If you have multiple domains (such as domain1.com, domain2.com and so on) and want to host on single web server, Virtual Web Hosting is your right choice. Apache web server provides an easy way to manage Virtual Hosting. Virtual Hosting can be either Name Based or IP Based. In Name Based Virtual Hosting, multiple domains can be hosted on single IP address. On the other hand, in IP Based Virtual Hosting, each domain is mapped on a dedicated IP address. In my previous video, I showed how to configure Named Based Apache Virtual Web Hosting on CentOS 7 Linux. In this video, I will show how to configure IP Based Apache Virtual Hosting on CentOS 7 Linux.
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Name Based Virtual Hosting: https://systemzone.net/virtual-web-hosting-with-apache-on-centos-7-name-based

What Are the Advantages of Getting VoIP?

VoIP services provide users with a variety of advantages that make your average phone call a thing of the past. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services can be used to contact friends, loved ones or business colleagues around the world simply and easily.

Best Ways to Keep in Touch on a Budget – Not Just International Dialing

Communicating with friends and family whilst you’re abroad can be done easily and affordably, in most cases. Many forms of communication are free, and even dialing internationally to have a one-to-one voice chat with a friend can be affordable. If you choose your method appropriately, a week won’t go by where you feel out of touch.

It’s Now Possible to Get Cheap Calls to the Whole World Using VoIP

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is fast becoming a popular form of communication for people worldwide. The reason for this is the price. VoIP offers a fast, effective and most importantly a cheap way to make the usually expensive worldwide calls.

Exploring The ‘Ins And Outs’ Of Business VoIP Phone Systems

Is it time to update your office phone systems? VoIP business phone systems save money while offering many features and simplicity for any company.

How Emerging 4G Technologies Will Affect Mobile VoIP Adoption

As VoIP traverses the path to mainstream, new developments in Internet technology continue to impact the growth of broadband telephony. One such new technology that is expected to sustain, if not help, VoIP to gain a wider acceptance is the fourth generation (4G) in cellular wireless technology, which succeeds the 3G systems currently in use. The competing 4G technologies are expected to provide secure broadband connectivity with giga-bit speeds that are perfect for demanding applications that require high-bandwidth and top-speeds, such as online gaming, multimedia streaming and IP-telephony.

Advantages of Making Long Distance Calls Using VoIP

Long distance calling can be a problem for many people due to a variety of constraints. Many may be inclined to just use a regular landline phone, however there is an alternative. VoIP is a flexible yet simple means of conducting a normal phone call over long distance.

Polycom IP Phones

Although there are several models of Polycom IP Phones in the market for the two line to the six line desktop phone there are two key features that are standard across all models. Although these features may be over looked since they are now standard and not the newer flashier feature, it’s still important to take a look and get an understanding on their importance. The current suite of Polycom IP Phones all support IEEE 802.

Fax Over IP – How Fax Services Are Being Modernized by IP

In all the excitement about traditional PSTN voice systems being replaced by VoIP, Fax seems to not have gotten the attention it deserves. Yet, in many ways converting old fax systems to a new one can save you a lot of money, just like VoIP can save you from unnecessary telephone bills. In this article, we take a look at how new protocols and devices are replacing the old infrastructure.

Local Phone Service Providers

Searching for the best local phone service provider? If you haven’t already done so, you must check out digital phone service. Phone companies are in the process of becoming completely digital. Now is the time to make the switch. This short article explains why and how.

Magicjack – Who This Device Is For? – Is Magicjack Worth the Money?

Magicjack costs $40 for the first year of service which includes the USB device. For next year you need to pay $20. It all depends upon your usage. If you make more than 1000 minutes of calls to US and Canada in a year, magicjack will definitely prove to be a big money saver for you.

Get to Know the Benefits of Conferencing Solutions and Stay Connected

In order to reach wide spectrum of audience at the most-affordable rate, conferencing solutions come really helpful. Get to know the benefits of conferencing service.

Digital Photo Frame in a Digital Video Phone

A digital photo frame is the best way to show a large number of photos in such a small space. Couple that with a digital video phone that replaces old-fashioned phone service. One phone gives you low cost phone service and a continuous revolving digital photo frame.

Using a Cordless Phone With VoIP

Explains how we can use a plain old cordless phone with a VoIP system at home. Also talks about various VoIP services which have the cordless phone included.

Precautionary VoIP Phone System Implementation and Maintenance Might Be Necessary

The moment a company commits to migrate to VoIP technology, there is a need to analyze carefully the existing business processes and requirements, the projected short-term and long-term company needs, and the current bandwidth and speed of the broadband service the company have. These are necessary not only to be able to comprehensively design a VoIP system tailor-made for the business but more importantly, to prevent possible failure of the VoIP system once in place. VoIP Lifecycle Management A methodology called VoIP Lifecycle Management (VLM) thus emerged as a way to plan and manage the impact of VoIP…

How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

One of the most common terms that come to mind when discussing migration to VoIP systems is network bandwidth. This term – often interchangeably used with network speed – refers to the data transfer rates supported by the network, expressed in either Kilobits per second (Kbps), Megabit per second (Mbps) or Gigabit per second (Gbps). Bandwidth plays an important part in networking, as it defines not only the speed in which data moves from one location to another, but also the overall capacity of the network connection.

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